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CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: Is that a Truncheon you're holding, or are you just pleased to see me?

TITLE: Is that a Truncheon you're holding, or are you just pleased to see me?

AUTHOR: ncruuk


FANDOM & PAIRING: Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I make no excuses.....:-)

Many things in their life together had changed in the two years since Nikki's release from Larkhall Prison following her successful appeal. Nikki was no longer under lock and key, no longer forced to live surrounded by drugs and violence, no longer forced to do anything, whilst Helen was....well, Helen was feeling just as free, the type of freedom that comes from genuine, heartfelt and mutual love for another person.

Many things however, had not changed following both of their ties to HMP Larkhall being permanently severed, Nikki's by court appeal, Helen's by resignation. They were still in love, still reckless about snatching kisses and private moments but terrified of someone catching them, despite the potential ramifications now being confined to their own personal embarrassment; still discussing literature and recommending books to each other, although now perhaps it was Helen recommending lesbian romance to her 'behind-the-times' lover, whilst Nikki was reminding her lover of all the classics she'd forgotten.

"Nikki?" Helen called out as she entered their house after her day at work, to be met by silence. Helen's initial frown at her lover's apparent absence was replaced with a smile when she spotted the back door open, revealing her lover to be, as was so often the case, out in their garden, doing 'stuff' to it. Dumping her briefcase and coat, Helen quickly headed out into the garden, eager to see her lover.

"Nikki?" called out Helen again, when, once in the garden, she didn't manage to spot her lover immediately.

"Here babe!" called out Nikki in response, her voice coming from the small potting shed that was at the bottom of the narrow garden that stretched out behind their house, prompting Helen to hurry to the bottom of the garden.


"Hey..." smiling lazily, Nikki leant back against the work bench, drinking in the sight of her business suit clad lover almost as enthusiastically as Helen was devouring the sight of her soil covered lover who was....

"What are you doing?" exclaimed Helen, when she caught sight of what Nikki had in her hands.

"What?" Nikki hadn't recognized Helen's shift in focus, distracted as she had been by the top two buttons of her lover's shirt, which were temptingly undone, revealing a hint of a black lace bra.

"What's that in your hands?" repeated Helen, unable to take her eyes of the strange sight.

"Oh, this?" asked Nikki, stopping her rubbing action so that Helen could see what it was.

" god, it's a truncheon!" exclaimed Helen, recognizing the wooden baton which for so long had been a Policeman's only defense, or, for some, their first choice for offense.

"Yeah, I've had it for a while...." observed Nikki, not understanding why it had startled Helen so much.

"Where did you get it?" asked Helen, wondering why her lover would have such a strange item in her possession, especially considering her past experiences.

"Junk shop in town..."


"It's the right size and shape..." explained Nikki, running her hand over the smooth, foot long wooden baton, cleaning it of any caked on soil.

"For what?" asked Helen, suddenly mesmerized by her lover's caressing hand movements, reminding Helen of other, similarly shaped items that they'd enjoyed together just a couple of nights ago.

"Poking holes in pots for my corms..." explained Nikki, watching her lover watching her and suddenly, everything made sense.

"You're home early..." she husked, putting the truncheon to one side before putting her hands determinedly in her pockets.

"Yeah....nice day, empty-ish desk, good looking woman naked in my bed...." countered Helen, equally sexily, wondering what her lover's reaction would be.

"Getting ahead of yourself there, aren’t you babe?" teased Nikki, taking a step closer to her.

"Am I?"

" forgot the foreplay in the potting shed first...." declared Nikki seriously, before pressing a passionate kiss to Helen's mouth, leaving no doubt what her intentions were.

"My suit..." protested Helen halfheartedly, taking a surprised pace backwards before leaning in towards her lover for another kiss, eager to feel her lover's hands on her, but knowing from past experience that, after an afternoon in the garden, Nikki's hands and clothes were covered in soil.

"Can either go to the dry cleaners after I've taken it off....." observed Nikki practically, removing her hands from her pockets, ready to embrace her lover when she was close enough.

"Or?" asked Helen flirtatiously, taking a half shuffle closer so that she was frustratingly close her lover, but not yet close enough.

"Or you can take them off and toss them on the's dry, so no stains..." observed Nikki pragmatically, only to be caught up in a passionate kiss as Helen literally threw herself at her lover. When they finally parted for air, Nikki found herself looking into sparkling eyes, before hearing a lilting Scottish voice observe

"I never did like this suit...." before all rational spoken conversation ceased as a far more important conversation took over, spoken in the language of kiss and caress, all thoughts of gardening and truncheons long forgotten.....

Tags: [4], bad girls, ncruuk

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