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TITLE: A lover's touch?

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGER: darandkerry

FANDOM & PAIRING: CSI, Sara/Catherine

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

"You ok Cath?" asked Sara, accompanying her lover down the corridor as they headed to the lab after their meeting with Grissom in his office.

"Mmmm, why'd you ask?" asked the blonde, not looking up from the file she was flicking through.

"Because you seemed a little're not sick are you?"

"Not sick...." agreed Catherine slightly flirtatiously, her cheeks flushing as she remembered what had made her feel warm during the meeting.

"So why the blush?" Sara was nothing if not persistent.

"You know why!"

"I don't...." Suddenly, Catherine stopped, there being something in Sara's tone that made her realise her lover wasn't joking.

"Grissom's office, just now, my thigh..." began Catherine, suddenly paling.


"You weren't tickling the inside of my thigh?"

"No....Cath?" Stunned by Catherine's sudden about turn and stomp back up the corridor, Sara was a little late in arriving in Grissom's office.

"...could you?" screamed Catherine, throwing her file at Grissom, who looked up and blinked.

"Careful Catherine, you could have hurt Fred..." he observed turning his hand so she could see the tarantula currently crawling over his palm.

"You let him out?"

"He needs his exercise, same as we do...." observed Gil, not appreciating the problem, but Sara did.

"How long has he been out Gris?"

"Oh, since shift started...."

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH" exclaimed Catherine, before stomping off, ranting about needing a shower.

"What's wrong with Catherine?" asked Gil, blinking in confusion.

"Fred spent the meeting in her lap..." explained Sara, torn between enlightening her boss and comforting her lover.

"And she didn't say anything?" asked Gil, surprised, knowing Catherine's views on his spiders....

"Ah, no...."


"She thought it was me...."

"Why?" Grissom's question was asked to thin air... Sara was gone...

Tags: [17], csi, ncruuk

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