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Random Icon Fluff: Gossip?

An experiment.... (please, bear with me in case this doesn't work - kimly, if I break your site with this, I'm very, very sorry....)

TITLE: Gossip?

AUTHOR: ncruuk



DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I make no excuses.....This all started when I was bored on IM and wanted to fluff. In an effort to find me some suitably 'random' inspiration (I was probably bugging her), kimly started picking icons from her collection here... for me to fluff to/from. The result seemed worth sharing....


(icon made by kimly, here...)

"You've heard the rumours too then?"

"Yes....Liz made some snide comments in staff this morning...."

"I've heard there's gossip in the stationhouse....but no one's said anything to me yet...."

"You think they're going to?"

"The way you're eying my legs like that? Maybe..."

"I am not!"

"Yes, you are....."

"And you're not?"

"No, I'm not...."

"Like that's really going to stop the gossip....."

"I always cross my left leg over my right...."

"But how often do you cross your legs?"


"You know the bathroom's just down the hall...."

"Fine....happy now?"

"You think this is wise?"

"What, I always sit like this...."

"Yeah, when we're on the couch at home.....your thigh's touching me...."

"I know....problem counsellor?"

"Personally, no, but the gossips?"

"Will gossip no matter how we long has the jury been out?"

"Two hours or so?"

"And how long have we sat here?"

"Two hours or so......damn, the gossips will talk...."

"Do you mind?"

"That people are gossiping out our sex life?"


"No....actually, I'm not...."

"Me either.....

"If they're gossiping about us...."

"You wanna....."

"We could....."

"It couldn't do anymore damage to my reputation..."

"Your reputation Detective?"

"Sorry, our reputations Counsellor...."

"Thank, you want to..."

"Counsellor? Detective? The jury's about to return a verdict...."


Tags: [ac], icons, ncruuk, svu

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