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Random Icon Fluff: Legs to testify for

An experiment continued....

TITLE: Legs to testify for (I have previously admitted I suck at titles - suggestions welcome)

AUTHOR: ncruuk



DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I make no excuses.....This all started when I was bored on IM and wanted to fluff. In an effort to find me some suitably 'random' inspiration (I was definitely bugging her by this one), kimly started picking more icons from her collection here... for me to fluff to/from. The result seemed worth sharing....


(icon made by kimly, here...)

"New Cross Examination Technique Counsellor?" asked Olivia, striding into Alex's office and being distracted by Serena...

"Depends....does it work?"


"You're not thinking of answering that are you Detective?" asked Alex icily, prompting Olivia to freeze.

"Somehow, I think you know you can't take the fifth on this one Olivia, although I do appreciate the compliment..." declared Serena breezily, swinging her legs down from the arm of the chair, enjoying Alex's growl of annoyance at her girlfriend's non-response

"I...ah..." As Olivia's brain struggled to restart, not because of the sight of some legs that were not her lover's, but rather because of two lawyers ganging up on her, Alex growled again, flinging files noisily into her briefcase.

"You're on the couch Detective, unless you start talking...she's getting mad..." observed Serena helpfully, picking up her purse, deciding it was best she left so that Alex could attack Olivia in private.

"Thank you for the advice Counsellor....I'll take it under advisement...." agreed Olivia, her thoughts back on track, Serena all but forgotten as Olivia's mind was consumed with rather interesting thoughts about her lover.

"You do that Detective...Alex, always a pleasure, I'll lock the door on my way out...."

"Hello...." greeted Olivia, approaching her angry lover once they were alone.

"Hmm...." Alex was icy.

"What's my crime?" asked Olivia, trying not to be too proud of her lover's jealous streak - it wouldn't do for Alex to know how cute Olivia thought she looked right now.

"You ogled Serena's legs....." pouted Alex, trying not to yield to Olivia's gentle hug

"Actually it was the shoes...."

"Excuse me?"

"Serena's shoes....I was looking at them..."


"Reminded me of something...."

"What?" Alex's curiosity was being sparked.

"Remember Cape Cod?"

"Our vacation?"

" took some strappy heels which you never wore....until we got back..." began Olivia, pleased that Alex remembered what she was thinking of....

"You were thinking about that?"


"So you didn't notice what Serena was wearing?"

"Black suit as normal...."

"Not normal, the skirt's a belt!" Alex's protests were filled with humour rather than fury now that she knew what Olivia was thinking about...her...

"It was?"

"Some detective you are...."

"I prefer girlfriend at moments like this...."

"Moments like what?"

"Like when I'm remembering you sitting in the chair, with just your glasses and heels on, reading the Times...."

"I've not yet read the paper today....."

"Ready to cut out of here?"

"After you Counsellor...."

(btw, this was also inspired by this photo of CJ Cregg from the West Wing... (ie Allison Janney) which I hadn't found again until just now...what an image to have stuck in your subconscious though...)

Tags: [ab], icons, ncruuk, svu


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