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PICTURE CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: Did Men in Black work for you?

TITLE: Did Men in Black work for you?

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM & PAIRING: SVU & SG1, Olivia Benson & Sam Carter

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I make no excuses.....but then, did you honestly expect that I would?


manip coutesy of Myrth

"I never did like Men In Black..." muttered Olivia, glancing at her new 'partner', the quiet yet intense blonde Air Force Colonel.

"Me neither....the aliens were wrong..." explained Sam distractedly, scanning the park for who they were looking for.

"The aliens were wrong?" queried Olivia, looking in shock at her companion, prompting Sam to review what she'd said. Realising her error, she tried to redirect the NYPD Detective's focus.

"What didn't you like?"

"Will Smith in shades just doesn't do it for me...."

"Ah....what about blondes in black leather?" asked Sam, wondering where the sudden flirtation had come from.

"Better...." agreed Olivia, turning her focus back to the park, scanning for their suspect, before querying, "What do you mean about the aliens being wrong?"

"It's ah, classified...." stalled Sam, unwilling to talk much more when her 'spider sense' was suddenly tingling.

"Yeah, right..." Olivia was skeptical, but noticed that the Colonel was suddenly tense, although her outward appearance was perfectly calm and still.

"What do you see?" asked the Detective, curious.

"Your suspect...2 o'clock...." answered Sam, tracking the NYPD suspect with her eyes from behind her shades, before breaking into a light jog, which suddenly became a sprint when the suspect spotted her. Praying to anything that would listen, Olivia set off after her, her long legs making short work of the head start the tall, athletic Colonel had on her - what time and battlefield conditioning gave Sam as a physical advantage, Olivia more than made up for with her NYPD experience of chasing down suspects through crowds.

"You're under arrest for..." began Olivia, to be suddenly stopped when their suspect's eyes started glowing. Before she could really process what she was seeing, Sam shot at him with some sort of stun gun from inside her coat, rendering him unconscious.

"What the hell?" asked Olivia finally.

"It's classified...." began Sam, only to turn and flash one of the brightest grins the Detective had seen in a long time, before saying "...but congratulations Detective, you just arrested your first alien..."

Tags: [a], caps, ncruuk, sg-1, svu

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