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Random Fluff: OT gone OTT?


AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM & PAIRING: SVU, Alex & Olivia

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: There is no challenge for this - it's in its own special category...and no, I'm still not apologising...

"Hypocrites..." exclaimed Alex in annoyance, flinging a handy reference volume across her office. Fortunately, she hadn't aimed at the doorway....

"Problem?" asked Olivia lightly, deciding not to venture into the office, but instead hover at the threshold, just in case more books were thrown. She'd obviously arrived at the wrong moment...

"Apart from the fact that I work with hypocritical imbeciles?"

"Apart from that fact, yes..." agreed Olivia, relaxing when she determined that Alex's mood was DA Office related.

"Are you here to take me out to dinner?"

"Yes..." Actually, Olivia hadn't been, but if that would make Alex feel a lot happier, plans could be rearranged....

"Then no, no problem..."

"So, these idiots..." began Olivia, deciding it was now safe to enter into the office, and also deciding it was probably prudent if this particular conversation was had with Alex's door firmly shut, "...what have they done now, and how did they suddenly prove their hypocritical nature?" asked Olivia, curious. This was quite a specific charge Alex was levelling.

"This..." explained Alex, gesturing with her glasses at the computer screen, before tossing them in frustration, although admittedly more gently than the book, onto her desk.

Intrigued, Olivia crossed to stand behind her lover and studied the computer screen. As she did so, she instinctively placed her hands on Alex's shoulders and began a gentle massage in an attempt to ease the tension she felt there.

"Ok....what's happened on the message board?" asked Olivia, her quick scan of the internal DA's office web forum not yielding any particular clues as to what had triggered this rant, but then, she noted reasonably, she was unlikely to recognise it if it was some obscure legal reference that had sparked Alex's fury, as had been the case the last time books had been flung...

"This!" exclaimed Alex, clicking on a subject thread which, Olivia had time to note, had been started by Alex and had no replies.

"No one knows the answer to your case citiation question?" asked Olivia gently, fairly confident there had to be more to Alex's fury than just being ignored by her colleagues.

"No...but then I didn't expect to - I got the answer from this..." asked Alex, clicking on another message was a plea from the DA for more 'relevant and legal in focus themes, as this forum had been intended for'.

"So Nora wants more legal discussion here, as opposed to what?" translated Olivia.

"Baseball and complaining about stupid questions that a first year law student should know the answer to..." grumbled Alex, deciding that the massage was rather nice and maybe she should just go home with Olivia.

"Ah...they do that a lot?"

"What? Complain about the posts being irrelevant or stupid, then ignore the posts that are what they want and then talk about something else?" asked Alex, switching off her monitor.


"All the time...makes me wonder why I ever bother posting sometimes...."

"Why do you?" asked Olivia, curious, reluctantly letting go of Alex's shoulders so that the blonde could stand up.

"I honestly have no idea....I could just use the Harvard one...or Serena's firm..." observed Alex, reaching for Olivia's hand.

", where are we going to dinner?" she asked brightly, wanting to forget about law for a while.

"Depends what you fancy eating?"

"Don't mind...but I'd like to get changed..." decided Alex, suddenly feeling that the urge to remove the trappings of her job were more important than hunger pangs.

"How about Kung Po Chicken?" asked Olivia, not sure she was in the mood for a lengthy restaurant meal, especially when she remembered when her last meal had been.

"That's take out..." observed Alex, trying not to sound disappointed.

"True, but the venue definitely makes up for the food..." teased Olivia, waiting for Alex to lock up her office.

"Where we eating?" asked Alex, only for Olivia, in deference to Alex's colleagues who were filling the hall, to lean in and whisper something that only Alex could hear.

"I like how you think Detective...can we get fortune cookies?" pleaded Alex, suddenly feeling much more relaxed and light hearted.

"So long as you don't get crumbs in bed..."

Tags: ncruuk, svu

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