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TITLE: Wow...

AUTHOR: ncruuk


CHALLENGE: SG1, rope, off world


DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Not sure how well this works - it's a visual gag I saw in the film 'Fantastic 4' that I thought would work well...btw, Jessica Alba was the original 'Wow' (for a bonus visual)....

"...and this connector will restrict your displacement..." bubbled Heimdall, only to be interrupted by Janet clarifying

"You mean you're gonna tie me on the end of that rope?" just so she understood what the enthusiastic Asgard scientist was really meaning.

"Indeed Doctor Fraiser, you will be most secure..." intoned Thor, hearing the end of her comment as they arrived in the room where SG1 was waiting for them, "...the fabric of your suit and that of the 'rope' are designed to protect you to an extent that will not be necessary..." continued Thor, only to be interrupted by Sam

"Wow..." Feeling rather pleased with herself, Janet couldn't help pull her shoulders back a little more in pride, an action which saw Jack and Daniel's eyes widen even further.

The 'suit' had been designed by the Asgard who, whilst incredibly careful in their measurements, had been a little selective in which ones they took. As a result, whilst the skin tight, wet-suit like outfit fitted Janet perfectly in the legs and arms, the chest region was rather snug, resulting in her displaying a somewhat ample and prominent cleavage. Fortunately, the exposure the plunge neckline was causing wouldn't be a problem since she was only going to be wading into the goo, not swimming in it.

"...multi-phasic fibres? And you've managed to stabilise them..." As Sam finished her thought, reaching out, not for her lover but instead the length of 'connector' trailing from Janet's waist, Jack and Daniel couldn't stop their instinctive groans at Sam's geek reaction, both feeling rather sorry for the suddenly deflated Janet.

"For cryin' out loud Carter..." groused Jack, feeling it was his job to kick her mind into the gutter, just for a moment.

"Sir?" Sam turned her focus away from the rope to look in confusion at her CO. What had she done now?

"You're going out with Janet still, right? I didn't miss another memo did I?"

"Yes Sir...Sir?" Sam was even more confused, but at least she had Thor and Heimdall for company.

"And you find your girlfriend the sexiest woman in the universe?" continued Jack, wondering why it was his resident genius could be so dense...only to conclude it was probably because she was the resident genius.

"Uh, of course Sir..." thoroughly confused, Sam turned to look away from her teammates to look at Janet...

"Wow..." Suddenly she understood, and her expression changed from one of scientific curiosity to outright wolfish lust.

"Sam?" prompted Janet gently, when she could withstand the scrutiny no longer, inclining her head slightly to get her lover to come and stand next to her.

"Wow..." repeated Sam quietly, standing right next to Janet and non-too-subtly looking down the suit as she tilted her head so she could hear Janet's quiet whisper.

"Now you've noticed, can you go back to being an obsessive science geek please? I don't think the multi-phasic fibres are bi-directionally waterproof..."

There was a long pause as Sam's brain unscrambled Janet's subtle scientific point.

"Oh...oh!" Flashing another brilliant grin at her lover, signalling her comprehension, Sam turned back to her teammates, ready to resume their scientific mission....

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