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TITLE: Orgasm on line 1?
AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGER: the_girl_20

CHALLENGE: You'll see ;-)


DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: *Ahem* have I finally written a sex scene? (and no, I'm still not apologising.... lol )

"...and I'm taking off your shirt..." Despite keeping her voice low, Elliott couldn't stop himself from looking up at his partner in shock. He hadn't just heard her say that, had he?

"...undoing every button slowly..." Nope, he had definitely heard her say that.

"...revealing your plain white bra..." Oh dear lord, he'd definitely heard her say that. Now he really didn't know what to think. In many ways, he hoped that was Alex she was talking to....but equally, did he really want to believe that his partner was having phone sex with the ADA at work? In the middle of the morning?

"...I arch up to meet your hands..." Serena's eyebrows nearly shot off her forehead when she stepped into Alex's office and heard the blonde ADA say that. Seeing Alex acknowledge her presence, Serena decided she must have misheard and headed towards one of the chairs, in fact, the only chair not stacked high with legal files.

"...forcing my breasts into your palms...." Nope, she definitely heard that correctly...what the hell was Alex up to? Serena could only hope and pray that she was talking to Olivia...

"...encouraging you to feel my nipples through my cotton bra..." Serena's jaw dropped. Even if Alex was talking to Olivia, having phone sex with the office? With colleagues all around? Suddenly decisive, Serena grabbed Alex's cell phone from the desk and found a number to call.

"Elliott? Serena Southerlyn..."

"Yes, I'm using her she talking to Olivia?"

"I don't know Serena...Olivia's talking to someone, but..." Elliott trailed off, not entirely sure how to explain the situation.

"Is she having phone sex?" asked Serena bluntly, like most good attorneys, unafraid to asking the difficult question.

"I think so..." confirmed Elliott, not totally convinced. Whilst the words sounded good, the passion and emotions...Olivia sounded more emotional when she was calling Alex about the grocery shopping...

"Then she's talking to Alex..." confirmed Serena, glad to have the first mystery solved. Before she could get much further though, she was interrupted.

"Are you finished with my cell phone?" asked Alex archly, having obviously hung up already.

"Bye Elliott," replied Serena quickly, hanging up and returning the cell phone to Alex's desk.

"How is he?"

"As confused as I am..." admitted Serena honestly, knowing her friend too well to try to play any games with her.

"About?" prompted Alex, tidying the papers on her desk.

"Your phone call to Olivia..."

"What about it?" asked Alex, not seeing the problem, her calmness infuriating Serena.

"Are you serious?" she exclaimed

"Completely - what's bothering you?"

"You were talking about your breasts!"

"No, I wasn't."

"I HEARD Elliott heard Olivia...." explained Serena, exasperated at Alex's icy calmness.



"My case next's evidence..." explained Alex, tossing a file across to Serena which was full of phone call transcripts.

"...Olivia's helping me practice reading them..."

"Why over the phone?" asked Serena, calming down now she understood a little better, curiosity replacing anger.

"It's the only way I can keep a straight face..." explained Alex, her composure finally cracking as she revealled a broad grin.


"You thought we were serious?" asked Alex, in amazement.

"You were talking about forcing your breasts..." began Serena, only to stop as Alex started laughing.

"Alex?" Serena wasn't getting the joke.

"Have you ever had phone sex?" asked Alex finally, when she'd recovered herself.

"Umm..." Alex interpretted Serena's blush as evidence, enabling her to make her point

"If I was having phone sex with Olivia, do you really think I'd talk about a COTTON BRA?" before starting to laugh once more....

Challenge (in case you haven't already got it: Olivia/Alex, at their respective desks, phone sex)

Tags: [45], ncruuk, svu

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