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CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: They have memos for that?

TITLE: They have memos for that?

AUTHOR: ncruuk


FANDOM & PAIRING: West Wing, CJ Cregg/Kate Harper

CHALLENGE: CJ/anyone, corridor, balloon

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: It probably helps if you know the episode in an early season when they had the Campaign flashback with CJ throwing the basketball through the window and then the episode in season 6 when she 'scores' a basket in the trash can...

WARNINGS: There is blatent Josh and TPTB bashing ahead...for which I make no apology ;-)

There were many things, realised Josh Lyman, you should not do if you wanted to survive in your job with your genitals intact past dinnertime. Amazingly, having a water fight in the corridors of the West Wing was not one of those things...

...but throwing a water balloon at the Deputy NSA probably was, especially considering he'd only just survived the first conversation he'd ever had with her.



"Quiet day?"

"It's Sunday morning..." protested Josh, wishing he could stuff his hands in his pockets, but unable to do so due to the two water balloons he held.

"Your point?" Inwardly, Kate was rather amused by what had just happened, but she knew better than to share that particular piece of information with Josh.

"Have fun?" suggested Josh, wondering if the Deputy NSA even knew how to have fun - she seemed to be constantly 'on duty'.

"In the West Wing with water balloons?"


"Who got you?" asked Kate, eying the wet spots on his shirt.

"Charlie, Will, Donna...but I got Charlie and Will..." explained Josh, as if that somehow reaffirmed his manliness.

"Not CJ?" asked Kate, noticing the obvious omission from his list.

"Haven't seen her..."

"Ah...she's in her office..."

"I know..."

"Avoiding her?"

"No..." Josh's protestation was far from convincing.

"Sure about that?"

"Would you throw a water balloon at CJ?" asked Josh, suddenly finding another level of respect for Kate. It had been a long time since he or any of the other Senior Staffers had tried playing any sort of joke on CJ - she was just too damn good at exacting revenge.

"Sure..." agreed Kate easily, enjoying the surprise on Josh's face.

"You serious?" asked Josh, only to mentally correct himself when he saw the look Kate was directing at him. She was the Deputy NSA, of course she was serious.

Suddenly hearing CJ's voice, Josh acted impulsively, tossing a water balloon in a high, looping arc, to Kate who, instinctively, caught it with all the care and concentration you would use when catching a live hand grenade.

"Dare ya!" challenged Josh, impressed that she had actually managed to catch the water balloon without bursting it.

"Dare ya what?" asked CJ, rounding the corner and hearing the end of Josh's challenge.

"Throw this water balloon at you..." explained Kate reasonably, holding out the 'missile' for CJ to consider, an action that suddenly made Josh feel rather nervous.

"Water balloons?" CJ directed the question at Josh.

"It's Sunday!" he protested, as if that made everything make sense.

"Indeed, my friend, so it is..." agreed CJ, taking the water balloon from Kate and adjusting her glasses.

"CJ?" Josh was now seriously regretting getting Kate involved - surely CJ wouldn't....

"Hey! CJ...." Josh's shout was triggered by the sudden soaking of his shirt front as a surpringly well aimed water balloon collided with some speed with his chest.

"3 points?" asked CJ smuggly, looking at her girlfriend who was struggling to keep a straight face.

"But you can't throw!" protested Josh, feeling it was unfair that they'd ganged up on him

"Didn't you get the memo?" asked CJ, amused.

"There was a memo? DONNA?"

"Yes Josh?" asked Donna serenely, appearing around the corner as if by some perfectly orchestrated magic.

"There was a memo?" asked Josh, confused.

"Yes...CJ's now the most powerful woman in the country, so naturally, she can suddenly throw and play basketball really, really well..." explained Donna wearily, positive she'd already had to explain this to Josh.

"She can?"



"She's a lesbian..." answered Donna patiently, unable to muster any surprise about how little her boss noticed sometimes.

"She is?" asked Josh, shocked. Turning to CJ, intending to get her to answer his questions his jaw hit the floor as every teenage fantasy suddenly came true...

"Wow...she is..." Standing in the corridor of an otherwise deserted West Wing, on a quiet Sunday when no one really cared what the Leader of the Free World was up to stood CJ, enjoying a kiss with her girlfriend....

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