August 5th, 2006


Site Updated

A new batch of Challenges has been added to the site. Had a contributions from an anonymous source and a new challenger, femme_slash_fan. Welcome aboard!

And thanks to darandkerry and ncruuk for producing so much great fic for the community!

Also a special thanks to all those who give feedback to our authors - dialog between readers and writers is the live-blood of a successful community, so thanks to all who participate!

Also - added jaina47 to the authors area of the site.

  • ncruuk

CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: They have memos for that?

TITLE: They have memos for that?

AUTHOR: ncruuk


FANDOM & PAIRING: West Wing, CJ Cregg/Kate Harper

CHALLENGE: CJ/anyone, corridor, balloon

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun...

AUTHOR'S NOTES: It probably helps if you know the episode in an early season when they had the Campaign flashback with CJ throwing the basketball through the window and then the episode in season 6 when she 'scores' a basket in the trash can...

WARNINGS: There is blatent Josh and TPTB bashing ahead...for which I make no apology ;-)

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