October 20th, 2006

  • ncruuk

RANDOM FLUFF EPIC: Is this the...? (part 2)

TITLE: Is this the...? (part 2)

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGE: There still isn't one, unless you count my desire to redefine the wackily random...

FANDOM: SVU (Alex/Olivia) with honourable mention of the Mothership (Serena)

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fluffiness

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This isn't going to make much sense...but it will make even less sense if you haven't read the first part....which can be found using the tags to this message. I may one day apologise for this....but not today *g*

SPOILERS: You're going to need a good working knowledge of SVU (at least all the major 'ship' offenses and highlights, both canon and fandom)...and passing awareness of the beginnings of Conviction would be useful too...(oh, and that line from the Mothership...but I think you can all recite it anyway....

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