October 21st, 2006


Monster Admin Posting and New Challenge Challenge

Fluff! the site has under gone a few changes. 

First,  I have created an
Old, Unfluffed Challenge page. Once a challenge has hung around for awhile yet no one has taken up the gauntlet, it will be removed from the main page. If someone fluffs an Old Challenge, it will reappear on the main page with the proper link to the story. Right now, I have placed unfluffed challenge numbered between 1-100 on the Old, Unfluffed Challenge page to make room for new challenges.

There is also a new heading on the
main page for ncruuk's Random Fluff Epic.  If any other fluff author is thinking of writing a series - I will be more than happy to link archive their work too. Just remember - each post should be able to stand alone, ie. be a complete episode, if you will, where the series builds on previous posts. (also see Sam & Sarah in Hawaii.)

Picture Challenges Page has been updated with four new pics: two from Voyager and one each from SVU and West Wing.

An Icon Challenge - for those of you out there who are graphically inclined (or just like messing around with pics of hot women...) submit three (3) of your best icons (as a reply to this post) that would also make good fluff prompts. Icons must be your own creations and by submitting them you give me permission to either hotlink to their source (if off LJ) or copy and house on my server (please let me know which you prefer in your submission post.) You are still the owner and creator and would be credited as such on the
Icon Challenge Area and my Icon Art page if you'd like me to make them viewable there too (let me know in your post).

As always, challenge idea can be submitted

Some Fluff! Statistics (as of this post)

Number of fluffs written:
darandkerry                    61 (aka Ann) [
ncruuk                              60 [
femme_slash_fan           29 (aka Allie Summers) [
elfcat255                        13 [
eclecticfan                       7 (aka kimly) [

Most Popular Fandoms
SG-1   49 [
CSI    44 [
SVU   35 [
[CSI and SVU have swapped places since the last time I ran stats]

And there were 11 fluffs for ralst's
State of Undress Fic-a-thon.


  • ncruuk


TITLE: Call Waiting

AUTHOR: ncruuk

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fun

FANDOM & PAIRING: NCIS, Abby/Kate (this is an experiment that may or may not be repeated....)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I watched a couple of episodes earlier and hope that what I think is a bit of an 'in show joke' is actually one...and no, I'm not talking about whacking Di Nozzo on th head...as far as I'm concerned, that's SOP *g*

Collapse )