December 3rd, 2006

x-g kiss

Tis the Season...

With the arrival of December, thoughts (my thoughts anyway...) turn to winter and snow and the holidays (chose your own.) So, with that in mind, I thought some seasonal challenges might be in order:

[178] Alex/Olivia, Macy's Toy Department, giving
[179] Buffy/Willow, graveyard, ice
[180] Jo/Blair, Grand Central Station, mistletoe
[181] Sara/Catherine, Red Rock Canyon, snow
[182] Kelly/Sabrina, ski resort, bikini
[183] Sam/Janet, restaurant, traditions
[184] Any Pairing, livingroom, spiked coco
[185] Any Pairing, office party, jewlery
[186] Any Pairing, anywhere, blizzard
[187] Serena/Alex, Central Park, scarf
[188] Janeway/Seven, Voyager, religion

Feel free to play in any of the challenges. There is no time limit on these.