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TITLE: Doohickey don't

AUTHOR: ncruuk



CHALLENGE: Sam's lab, flower, Sam/Jan

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun...

"Hey Carter..." called out O'Neill, announcing his presence in her lab.

"Sir." She did not look up.

"Whatcha doin'?" he asked, stuffing his hands into his pockets and looking around.

"Working, Sir."

"On what?" Jack was intruiged, it wasn't like Carter to be evasive.

"An idea I had..."

"Cool..." And it was, thought Jack, very cool. It didn't matter what it was, exactly, just that it was Carter's idea and she was working on it. He'd had enough experience with the products of her ideas to know that, whatever she made, it would be brilliant and, well, cool.

"I hope so Sir. Did you want me Colonel?" asked Sam, standing upright again and rolling her shoulders. The circuit boards were small and, even with her large magnifying screen, the work was still fiddly.

"Not really..." admitted Jack, looking around her lab, his voice communicating boredom. Whilst Daniel and Sam always had backed up piles of work to shift when they were on Earth, and Teal'c always had some more American culture to explore, Jack didn't cope so well with thieir long periods of on-earth inactivity, with his paperwork threshold being rather low. In fact, Sam had once calculated it to be three signatures or 7 minutes, whichever came sooner.

"Top drawer Sir, have a look..." decided Sam finally, taking pity on her friend.

"Ok..." confused but willing to try anything for a distraction, Jack headed to Sam's desk and opened the top drawer.

"Gees Carter, don't you ever tidy up?" asked Jack, looking at the chaos that was the inside of the drawer.

"Yes Sir, that's for you Sir...." explained Sam patiently, refocusing on her circuit board.

"What is it?" Experience had taught Jack not to be sarcastic in these situations - his 2IC was incredibly intelligent and highly rational - if she wanted to give him a drawer full of stuff, there had to be a good reason for it.

"Doohickeys..." The word sounded strange coming from Sam, but hearing it caused Jack's face to brighten.


"Yes Sir..."

"I can mess with them?"

"Yes Sir..."



"Yes Sir?"

"I won't..." Jack paused, not really comfortable with articulating his thoughts, but knowing he'd better check.

"Blow up my lab? Not as long as you just play with the ones in the drawer Sir..." It was a sensible question, and an important one to ask in Sam's lab - you never knew what she had lying around.

"Cool..." Reaching into the drawer, he pulled out what looked like a U-bend piece of pipe which had been cross-bred with a Rubics Cube and began to happily try to disassemble it. Amazed at how simple it had been to distract him into sitting quietly in her lab, Sam refocussed her attention on her task, but made sure to not forget about Jack - he really was worse than a small child at times.

Concentrating on his task, Jack let his mind drift to the same place it went when he was reloading or reassembling guns in the field - mind clear, eyes wide open...but not looking at the piece he was assembling, trusting on his hands to work instinctively with the metal. Instead, he found himself properly surveying Sam's lab, taking in and noticing all the computers and weird physics related stuff, as well as the odd random book of some ancient language, probably lent by Daniel to help translate 'instructions' or something. For a physicist's science lab, it looked fairly weird; for an SGC lab, it looked pretty normal, until he saw...


"Don't touch them Sir," came Sam's immediate and patient response.

"You have a bouquet of roses sitting on the shelf!"

"Yes Sir."

Doohickey forgotten, Jack ambled over to the shelf to consider them. Like someone with a sixth sense, just as he found his hand was reaching out to touch them, Carter called out

"I'm serious Sir, don't do that..."

"They're your latest naquadah invention?" he asked, obediently withdrawing his hand, recognising the tone - it was the same one she used when he was about to touch something that would kill them all.

"No Sir, just roses..." Confused, he turned to look at her. Like all good subordinate officers, Sam didn't need to see his face to know his expression was effectively ordering her to explain.

"It's Valentine's Day?"

"You get given them?"

"No, giving..."

"Getting a bit late isn't it?" asked Jack, glancing at his watch - it was nearing 2200, only two more hours until they gated to PX3-7T9 whose day was almost perfectly offset with Colorado's, explaining the night time departure.

"Not really Sir..." explained Sam, resigned to packing away her work. It was evident Jack really wasn't going to let her return to her work until he understood.

"You're giving them to someone on base?"

"Yes Sir..."


"My girlfriend..." explained Sam patiently, glad that THAT particular conversation had been had with her teammates a long time ago.

"Way to go Carter..." Anything more that Jack might have said was lost as the phone rang.

"Major Carter..."

"Yes Sir." Hanging up the phone, Sam turned to look at Jack, who already knew the answer. If he was in the room with her, and she was calling someone 'Sir', it could only mean one thing.

"Hammond wants me?"

"Yes Sir..."

"Alrighty..." and, as randomly as he arrived, he left, leaving Sam once more to her work.

"You're fit and well Colonel, but you knew that already..." declared an amused Janet Fraiser, finishing writing up his pre-jump medical report with a flourishing signature.

"I could have told you that without the needles and lights..." grumbled Jack, pulling on his jacket.

"Of course Sir...have a good mission...come back in one piece please?" asked Janet, as she always did. It didn't always work, but the tradition had developed nevertheless.

"You betcha Doc..." agreed Jack, pushing down from the gurney he'd been sitting on before heading out across the infirmary, past the Doc's open office door.

"Hey Doc? Nice roses..."

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