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PICTURE CHALLENGE RESPONSE: Everyone needs a favourite show...

TITLE: Everyone needs a favourite show....

AUTHOR: ncruuk


DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Umm...this is me potentially taking random to a whole new level....

The CHALLENGE: Is a cap, which is hidden in the story to avoid your fluffy fun being ruined.....

"What you watching?" asked Sam lazily, flopping down onto the couch next to Janet, who was happily enjoying her rare weekday off by indulging in some TV.

"DVD..." explained Janet, obviously distracted by what she was watching.

"Ah..." Amused at the slightly glazed look on Janet's face that she was now familiar with, Sam reached forwards and snagged the DVD case from the coffee table, intent on trying to identify the attraction of the DVD.

"Xena?" Sam questioned skeptically, considering the DVD case and not being impressed. Why did Janet want to spend her downtime watching a DVD of a show set in another time involving characters who, if the summary was correct, did sound a little too close to work for the blonde's idea of relaxation.

"Shh...the good bit's coming..." declared Janet, adopting Sam's lap and chest as her new sofa, snuggling into the ever obliging astrophysicist's long, lean and surprisingly comfortable body.

"Good bit?" Sam refocused her attention on the screen, wondering what could possibly be the 'good bit' that Janet was talking about...

"You've never heard of Xena?" asked Janet, now remembering how long this scene was, ensuring she had long enough before the 'good bit' happened to have a conversation with Sam about what they were watching.

"No...though I think I might have seen it at the store....didn't appeal much..." admitted Sam honestly, absently running her fingers through Janet's silky hair as she remained focussed on the screen, determined not to miss this 'good bit'.

"Are you gay sweetheart?" teased Janet kindly, softening her comment with a breathtaking smile at her lover. Used to the teasing, especially when a bit of what Janet or Cassandra classed as essential pop culture had passed her by, Sam cracked a broad grin of her own before countering,

"Yeah, definitely gay...but can I use not being on the planet much as a good excuse?"

"No...not this time....Xena's been around for years..." explained Janet, before getting ready for the good bit, which this time, really was coming up soon.

"O...k...." Sam still wasn't convinced by what she was seeing on the screen.

"Ancient Greece?" she queried, finally being able to place the context of the show and being thoroughly unimpressed - she had enough of anthropomorphic polytheistic cultures at work....why on earth or any other planet (not, thought Sam idly, that any other planet seemed to have invented something as frivilous as television) did Janet want to watch this on her day off?

"Yeah, ignore that sweetie..." began Janet, only to be cut off by Sam, as the screen was filled with

"That's the good bit?" she asked suddenly, far more interested in the show.

"In this episode, yeah..." agreed Janet, snuggling into Sam's embrace happily,

"There are other good bits in other episodes?" asked Sam, resisting the urge to tilt her head in some vague attempt to get a better look.

"Uh huh..."

"I think I just found my new favourite show...."

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