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FLUFFINESS: That was what?

TITLE: That was what?

AUTHOR: ncruuk


DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Umm...this is me potentially taking random to a whole new now writing a sequel, prompted by an icon attached to a comment which was explained to me by kimly but left by darandkerry in response to Everyone needs a favourite show . Confused? You're in good company....

"What are we watching?" asked Sam in what had now become a downtime ritual for the lovers...when they weren't doing their other downtime rituals that was.....

"The really good bit..." explained Janet, waving a DVD box in front of Sam as she grabbed the remote.

"Oh, with the...?" Sam used an interesting hand gesture to communicate what she was thinking. Fortunately, Janet spoke 'hand waggle' as well as she spoke American English...fluently.

"Yeah, that's the one...." she confirmed, waiting patiently for Sam to settle down on the couch so the smaller doctor could nestle up against her lover's body

"Cool..." And, satisfied she thought she knew what was coming up, Sam settled back against the couch, pulling Janet into what was now their traditional viewing position, entwined on the couch together, perfectly positioned to distract each other when their favourite show wasn't distracting them.

"So..." drawled Janet as the end of episode credits started rolling, curious to discover what her strangely silent lover was thinking. Normally, Sam kept up a pretty good running commentary that was often rather funny when they were watching Xena DVDs.

"That wasn't effective mouth-to-mouth technique..." began Sam, prompting Janet to smirk, although only for a split second before she schooled her features, internalising her amusement at her lover's literal viewing.

"A mouthful of water isn't in the standard field technique for mouth-to-mouth..." observed Janet, offering her professional opinion.

"It's a ineffective way of introducing fluids to an unconscious soldier's body....even if you are in Ancient Greece - didn't they have some sort of cup?" continued Sam, oblivious to her lover's rapidly ill-concealed mirth.

"You mean you wouldn't do that to Jack?" teased Janet, struggling to maintain her composure, wondering if Sam was winding her up deliberately - it wouldn't be the first time the brilliant astrophysicist had played tactically 'dumb'.

"Hell no!" exclaimed Sam, suddenly spotting the humour sparkling in her lover's eyes.

"You're laughing...."


"What's the joke?"

"Not you..." protested Janet feebly, only to fail in her resistance when Sam raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Well, it is you...but it was the show first...." explained Janet cryptically, knowing Sam was patient to the point of aggrevation and would wait until the Doctor had arranged her thoughts ready for verbalisation.

"What did you think of that scene..." There was a pause as Janet quickly skipped the DVD to

ever thankful for bookmarking scenes,

"...if I told you it was this?" asked Janet, inspired about her explanation.

"What?" Sam's question was answered by a rather spectacular kiss that, if it had been planted by a less skillful kisser, onto a blonde with less cranial matter and planet-saving focus, would have probably derailed the conversation. As it was, it merely assisted Janet's explanation.

"It was a kiss?" asked Sam, a few moments later


"A...." This time it was Sam who paused whilst she ordered her thoughts and tried to find an adequate verbalisation. Deciding her lover had a good strategy going, the blonde repeated the kiss as best she could remember it, before continuing,

"That sort of kiss?" she clarified.

"Uh huh...."

"Oh..." Bemused, Sam started chewing on her lower, slightly kiss swollen lip as her brain processed this information.


"Why didn't they just call it that?" asked Sam finally, identifying what was bugging her about the episode.

"Welcome to the complex machinations of the TPTB..." sighed Janet, settling back against Sam, ready to enjoy another episode.

"TPTB?" questioned Sam, unfamiliar with the acronym. Unwilling to enter into another lengthy explanation, not least when she was being cuddled by one devastating blonde whilst watching another equally blonde although, in Janet's sensibly biased opinion, shorter and marginally less devastating woman save the 'world' with her brunette sidekick, Janet muttered

"Just shut up and watch the show..."

"You'll explain later?"


"With visual aids like just now?" teased Sam, sensing her lover's many frustrations right now.

"You bet..." And, as they settled down to watch more of Xena's adventures, a Napoleonic Powermonger began to plot the many enjoyable ways that she could explain 'the powers that be' to her lover....

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