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CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: Classification mark 610

TITLE: Classification mark 610

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGER: darandkerry


AUTHOR'S NOTES: A small degree of characterisation suspense required as I really don't think in a real fic (as opposed to this fluffy one) that the lovely ladies would ever be this reckless...oh, and if anyone doesn't believe me, the online LEO catalog (that feels like a tautology) for the NYPL does have Ancient Medicine starting at 610.....

"You busy?" asked Serena, coming to a halt just inside Alex's open office door.

"If you've brought work yes, if you've brought a distraction no..."

"Ah..." Deciding her reason for visiting counted as a distraction, Serena closed Alex's door and came and sat down in front of the file covered table, a testament to how busy her friend actually was.

"You're obviously not busy..." observed Alex dryly, putting down her pen when it became apparent that her friend was not making a flying visit.

"On the contrary..." began Serena, wondering how long she would be able to make her friend squirm before she relented,

"I've spent all afternoon in the library..."

"Oh?" Keeping her face neutral, Alex leant back in her chair, neither encouraging nor discouraging her friend to continue.

"Yes...fascinating case I've got, involves rituals from Ancient Mayan culture...had to go to the public library to research them..."

"Really..." If Alex's pulse had quickened ever so slightly, her face didn't show it.

"The librarian was most helpful in assisting me find the correct section...610 onwards...apparently, it's rarely visited with Ancient Medicine not being a popular topic of research ordinarily..." continued Serena, marveling at Alex's self control.

"Until you decided to visit..."

"Yes...highly productive, if a little dusty..." observed Serena, standing up, deciding the only way she'd rattle Alex was with a dramatic exit, "...but then you knew that already..."

"I would?" Serena's gaze was far too knowing for Alex's comfort, but she kept her composure.

"Good lunch?" asked Serena, placing a envelope on Alex's desk which was inviting Alex to open it. She really didn't need to open it to know what was in it, the shape was enough. Conceding defeat, Alex smiled warmly and sought to turn the tables on her friend,

"A little rushed....court was only in recess for 90 minutes...."

"I knew Olivia would have a good reason for leaving without her badge..."

"It was under a bookcase..."

"I know...which reminds me, you owe me a new pair of stockings...."

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