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RANDOM FLUFF: A blonde walks into a laptop....

RANDOM FLUFF: A blonde walks into a laptop....

A conversation, transcribed, between a writer and a frustrated character....

(this is randomness for profitless fun - I'm just playing....)


"Yes?" To say ncruuk was surprised when a blonde suddenly appeared on her screen and started talking to her would be an understatement, but hey, she's adaptable.

"Are you ncruuk?"

"Yes...are you Serena Southerlyn?"

"Yes....wait, how did you know?"


"Is it because I'm a lesbian?"

"No actually, but that line's a classic that should be incorporated whenever possible...I knew it was you because, well, you look like you..."

"I thought you were a writer?"


"You're not very articulate, are you?"

"This isn't writing, this is me being, well, me..."

"Oh...but you write?"



"People seem to think so..."


"Yes...what are you getting at?"

"I think I need a love life...or at least someone to spend some time with..."


"I was recommended to you by some good friends...."


"Is that an English thing? 'Ah'?"

"Not especially, but I was wondering, why come to do know I don't...ahem..."

"Naturally...what did you think I was? Desperate? I just would like some romantic female companionship..."

"And you wanted me to write it?"

"It would be a start, yes..."

"I see....did you have anyone in mind?"

"Not really...can you suggest someone?"

" you want to be in a crossover?"

"Is that as kinky as it sounds?"

"Probably you fancy having this romantic female companionship with any of Alex, Abbie or Olivia?"

"NO! Alex would kill me..."


"Does that mean I'm doing a crossover?"

"I think that's best...who would you like?"

"I can pick?"


"You have a list?"

"Not exactly...tell me what you'd"

"Not really...not too keen on blood..."

"Ok, so no nurses about another lawyer?"


"I was thinking Marine JAG...a Lieutenant Colonel..."

"Ooo, uniform...."


"Go on...."

"Tall, brunette, very athletic..."

"Think she'd be interested in me?"

"Positive...she's sitting over there...."


"Behind that pile of unfinished fic, next to the folder full of mini icons ready for making graphics..."

"Can she see me?"

"No, the IM window's in the way...probably best you don't close that...."

"Why not?"

"Because Kimly's the one who made the comment that brought you here to discuss the need for some 'lovin''....close her down and who knows what might happen to you...."

"Ah...think she'd like me? That Marine Colonel?"

"Only one way to find out really...."

"Oh...does Kimly like her, that Marine Colonel?"

"Yes...and I think you will too, but..."

"I need to let you write it?"


"Can I sit here whilst you do it?"

"Not really....I sort of need this notepad window to write in....tell you what, why don't I call you when it's done..."

"That's very kind..."

"No worries..." and, as suddenly as she appeared on ncruuk's desktop, Serena faded as she returned to the mothership, waiting for the arrival of someone she could share her desire for romance with....

Tags: l&o, ncruuk

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