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CSI. Sara/Lady Heather. Femslash-Fluff. Heather’s, Concern.

CSI. Sara/Lady Heather. Femslash-Fluff. Heather’s, Concern.

Title: Beautifully Disaster-stricken.
Author: Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: Not Mine.
Description: Sara turns up at Heather’s place, beaten and crying…

“Sara…” Heather was amazed Sara had come to her but her caring side came to the fore, her blue-green eyes flashed with anger. She flicked her red-brown hair from her face. “Who did this?”

“He…” Sara’s words failed and she closed her brown eyes, her brown hair falling into them. She shivered and seemed unable to stand anymore. Her legs gave way and she cried out in panic.

Heather picked her up and carried her to the bed in her office, settling her down gently. “It’s ok…” she murmured, gently stroking the tear from Sara’s face. She leant to kiss Sara slowly. “You’re staying with me…”

Sara agreed softly. “Thank you…”

“That’s ok…” Heather smiled, stroking her hair, and gazing into her eyes. “You’re still beautiful…”

“Thank you…You’re pretty cute yourself…” Sara smiled, relaxing.

-The End –
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