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CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: The harder the better.....

TITLE: The Harder the Better....

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGER: darandkerry


DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: If you get to the end and are none the wiser, try this link....

"I can't believe you've talked me into this..." grumbled Olivia, following her lover through the maze of corridors that would lead to Judge Petrovsky's office.

"You said you'd try anything...." observed Alex as she transferred her briefcase from one hand to the other. These corridors were longer than she remembered.

"Yes, but I didn't think you'd come up with this!" exclaimed Olivia, smiling nervously at a passing judge.

"What did you think I'd come up with?" asked Alex, beginning to pay closer attention to where they were now walking - Lena's office had to be soon...

"I don't know, an ointment or something?" suggested Olivia, wondering how she'd managed to get herself into this mess.

"Here we are..." declared Alex, stopping suddenly and turning the handle.

"She left it unlocked?" Olivia was amazed. This was New York - didn't people lock doors anymore?

"She knew we were coming, and anyway, the Judges' Chambers are very secure...." explained Alex, gesturing for Olivia to go in.

Shutting the door behind them, Alex dropped her briefcase on a chair and draped her raincoat over it, before crossing to Lena's desk.

", you ready?" asked Alex, turning to look at her nervous lover.

"As I'll ever be...." mumbled Olivia, coming to stand by her lover.

"You promise this won't hurt?" asked the Detective nervously, rolling up her sleeve and taking off her watch.

"No....I can't do that sweetie, but I can promise it will make you feel better..." explained Alex kindly, knowing how strange this must be for Olivia.

"Ok then...." swallowing deeply, Olivia laid her hand, palm down, flat on Lena's desk.



"Sorry, but it only works if you do it hard.....I'll kiss it better if you like...." offered Alex, watching as Olivia tested her hand to check it could, well, do stuff still.

"Now?" asked Olivia hopefully, raising her hand to Alex's cheek.

"God no! This is Lena's office...."

"Good point...home?" asked Olivia, helping Alex into her raincoat. Her hand was already starting to feel better again.

"Works for's your hand?" asked Alex as they left Lena's office.

"Too soon to tell....but I'm hopeful...even if it is a bit weird...."

"It's always worked for my father....." observed Alex patiently as they walked through the corridors again.

"So you say...." teased Olivia, unwilling to admit how desperate she had been to try it.

"And you hate needles...." observed Alex, smiling in greeting to a Judge she knew.

"You can rest your case Counselor...." conceded Olivia, reaching to squeeze Alex's hand in thanks before thinking better of it – after all, they were still in the Judges' Chambers.

"Fine...but I promise you, your ganglion will be gone by dinner - hitting them with a Judge's gavel always works!"

Tags: [16], ncruuk, svu

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