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TITLE: Cinema Outing

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM & PAIRING: Serena/someone (it's a surprise) & Alex/Olivia

DISCLAIMERS: not mine, no profit, just fluff

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Who's the joke really on?

"Serena!" Startled to hear her name called out, Serena turned away from her semi-serious scrutiny of the posters about upcoming films to address,

"Alex, what a surprise..."

"Isn't it...I thought you were watching the basketball tonight..." commented Alex sharply, as only an old friend can, somehow managing to infuse the comment with a touch of amusement and delight.

"I was...until something came up..." admitted Serena, nervously scanning the crowded cinema foyer over Alex's shoulder in a vague hope of catching the eye of...

"Hey Serena..." Anyone but Olivia Benson.

"Olivia..." greeted Serena politely, using the time it took Olivia to give Alex the popcorn she'd just bought to hold whilst the detective held on to the tickets to make a more blatant study of the entrance.

"Thought Alex said you were watching sports this evening..." continued Olivia once she'd finished her juggling act, before helping herself immediately to a kernel of what, Serena guessed, would be Alex's preferred salted popcorn, rather than the sweet which Olivia loved but Alex couldn't stand.

"She was, but someone came up..." observed Alex sweetly, wondering who it was that Serena was waiting for, and whether she should be kind to her old friend and take Olivia into the film now, or after this mystery someone of Serena's appeared.

"Abbie..." began Olivia, helping herself to another piece of popcorn, intending to continue by explaining she'd just met the former ADA in the ticket queue, only for Alex to interrupt her,

"And you didn't tell me?" she exclaimed, turning to look at a now blushing Serena who had just managed, finally, to spot her girlfriend in the crowd.

"Tell who what?" Olivia, with her back to the crowd, and confused by Alex's interruption, having misheard Alex's earlier comment, hadn't understood what was happening.

"Hello Liv..." Before anyone could explain, the conversation was interrupted by the warm Texan drawl of Abbie Carmichael.

"Abbie," greeted Olivia again, wondering if this conversation could only be followed by blonde women with law degrees.

"Alex..." continued Abbie, politely acknowledging the blonde before turning to Serena,

"Here's your starts in five minutes..."

"Great, shall we?" asked Serena, glad to have an opportunity to escape from Alex's scrutiny. She could already imagine what the apology for not telling Alex about her new girlfriend would be...brunch, somewhere expensive, with cross-examination for desert.

"What movie?" asked Olivia, glancing at her own tickets and noting the same start time as on Abbie's.

"Same one you're going to Liv..." explained Abbie, sensing that Serena was probably getting distracted with thinking about Alex's reaction to this little 'outing'. At least Olivia already knew she was gay...

"Ah..." Olivia considered this information for a moment, "...enjoy the film..." she said finally, wrapping her arm around Alex's waist and starting to ease her way back into the flow of people heading into the cinema proper. Just as Alex was about to protest, she felt a brief but insistent pinch at her waist, communicating a message she understood perfectly, even before the rather expressive look that Olivia shot her, prompting her to reevaluate her comment.

"See you for brunch on Sunday Serena, my treat..." before the pair melted into the crowd, leaving a stunned Serena and amused Abbie standing by a poster advertising the next random action movie.

"Ready to go in?" asked Abbie finally, when Serena had stopped doing a good impression of a goldfish.

"Yeah...where are we sitting?" asked Serena, gathering herself and realizing that she'd just received Alex's discrete approval and encouragement, which meant more to Serena than Alex hopefully would ever know.

"Left hand side..." explained Abbie, showing their tickets to the usher.

"Why the left?" asked Serena, remembering Abbie explaining at length how the middle was always the best place to sit in the cinema.

"Because that's where the door is..." reasoned Abbie, following Serena's lead as they headed for screen 3.

"You planning on leaving quickly?"

"No...but Liv already claimed the middle of the back row...." Suddenly, Serena was confronted with a mental image she could have happily lived without, only to have it followed by another, rather mischievous thought,

"I think I'm going to enjoy brunch..."

"Why's that?"

"Alex's always denied making out in a cinema..."

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