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RANDOM FLUFF EPIC: Is this the...? (part 2)

TITLE: Is this the...? (part 2)

AUTHOR: ncruuk

CHALLENGE: There still isn't one, unless you count my desire to redefine the wackily random...

FANDOM: SVU (Alex/Olivia) with honourable mention of the Mothership (Serena)

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fluffiness

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This isn't going to make much sense...but it will make even less sense if you haven't read the first part....which can be found using the tags to this message. I may one day apologise for this....but not today *g*

SPOILERS: You're going to need a good working knowledge of SVU (at least all the major 'ship' offenses and highlights, both canon and fandom)...and passing awareness of the beginnings of Conviction would be useful too...(oh, and that line from the Mothership...but I think you can all recite it anyway....

"Do you know why you're here?" It was immediately obvious to everyone in the room that the two ladies seated in front of the doctor's desk were not remotely comfortable with being questioned, actively preferring to question.

"This is couples' counselling?" hazarded the brunette finally, casting a nervous glance at Alex - since when did they need couples' counselling?

"Invitation're familiar with 'TPTB'?"

"The Powers that Be...the guiding force of our characterisation...." agreed Alex, crossing one elegant leg over another and self consciously fiddling with her high necked chunky lime green knit sweater.

"And character destruction..." grumbled Olivia, instinctively crossing her hands in her lap, discretely running her fingertips over the soft leather of her jacket, the one familiar constant for her at present, other than Alex of course.

"Then you understand the purpose of this session..." declared the doctor, taking a sip of her coffee.

"We do?" asked Olivia, suspicious...she wasn't feeling like she understood.

"It's your opportunity to get everything you hate about your situation off your chest....literally in some cases...." continued the doctor, making a small but pointed gesture in the direction of a clothes rail that had seemingly appeared in the corner, full of well tailored shirts, "...feel free to change Alex..." the doctor invited, unsurprised when the ADA quickly strode over to the rail, Olivia following more slowly.

"They're all my size..." observed Alex, turning to look in amazement at the doctor, who seemed content to watch.

"You're welcome to select your I said, this is the opportunity to rail against TPTB, to act out, to be exactly who you want to be..." Intrigued, Olivia looked around the room with renewed interest.

"Hey..." Instinctively, Olivia felt herself reaching for the usual comfort of her holster, only to belatedly remember that she didn't have it with her.

"You're perfectly I said, this is the opportunity to correct anything you care to change, to complain about anything you want...but to do that, well, it takes a little magic..." explained the doctor, taking another sip of coffee as what had been an open space just inside the door was now occupied by some tasteful screens, creating private changing spaces. Before Olivia could comment, Alex had exclaimed,

"Liv, there are some t shirts and sweaters here you'd look great in..." prompting the detective to whirl around in shock.

"Alex?" Why wasn't her lover confused or unnerved?

"Relax Liv...I think they can even do haircuts...." Suddenly, all her concerns were replaced by something completely different.

"Seriously, you can change this?" Hopeful, Olivia gestured at the long highlighted hairdo she was sporting, asking the doctor, " I in Oz or something?"

"No...just fandom, you've heard of that?" The doctor was intrigued, she'd expected Alex to be the one struggling with the need to suspend disbelief, not Olivia....

"It's what I was showing you the other day sweetie...." explained Alex, gleefully tossing the ugly sweater over the side of the screen as she changed into a tailored shirt that would go beautifully with her skirt. It wasn't quite a suit, but it was a start.

"Oh, right, where people not connected to TPTB write about us...this is that?"

"In a way..."

"Great..." Suddenly comfortable again, with perhaps the strangeness of the situation being reduced now that her lover was looking, well, more like her lover and less like some pale imitation of her character, Olivia pulled out a black sweater and white t shirt and hurried behind the screens, wondering if there was any way of reducing this weird hairstyle to her preferred short cut....

"Comfortable?" asked the doctor once her 'patients' were sitting in front of her again, Alex now in a dark grey business suit with pale pink shirt and Olivia, hair freshly cut into an acceptably short style, enjoying being able to feel air on the back of her neck, above the crew neck of her jumper (the leather jacket was on the back of her chair).

"Thank you...I feel...."

"You again?" suggested Alex, knowing exactly how Olivia felt, and she hadn't had the complication of having to be 'Emily'....

" look good..." admitted Olivia quietly, shooting a half glance at Alex, which Alex returned with an equally discreet smile, before refocusing her attention on the doctor,

"There's more to this than appearance though, am I correct?" she asked astutely.

"Certainly...time to vent...."

"Vent?" Olivia wasn't sure she followed. Alex on the other hand, knew exactly where to start...

"An insurance agent? Could you find any duller?"

"Not your choice?" asked the doctor, making a small note in the margin.

"Whispers my name? It's ridiculous....almost as ridiculous as that replacement they got for me...what sane person rides a bicycle in New York?"

"Or making you wear lime green...." mumbled Olivia, finally getting to grips with the purpose of the session,

"Who sleeps with a colleague? I mean, really, who in their right mind sleeps with a jerk like Cassidy without the benefit of never having spoken to him sober?"

"That's just insulting...." agreed Alex, despite never having met the man, continuing, "...if the justification for no on screen relationships is that the focus is on the cases, why break that rule with such disastrous examples?"

"You're talking about Trevor Langdon?" queried the doctor, making another note.

"Of course...and don't get me started on that ADA when I was a Bureau chief..." fumed Alex, crossing her arms in disgust, her fury making her forget the character's name.

"The teddy was nice though...." pondered Olivia thoughtfully, echoing the sentiments of many...

"As were the buttons on my coat, which I apparently ignored...there's name for women who walk around in their underwear in public...." fumed Alex, not enjoying the memory at all, and equally echoing the sentiments of many...

"Feeling better?" enquired the doctor kindly, putting the cap on her pen, content that the session had served its purpose.

"Actually, yes..." began Olivia, only to add, "...but in their defence..."

"Whose?" asked Alex, surprised at the sudden change in direction her lover was taking,

"TPTB....the 'glasses of justice' are very cool...."

"That leather jacket is spectacular..." Both ladies drifted off into a thoughtful silence as each mentally reviewed some of the high points of their relationship with TPTB...

"They're not all bad..." concluded Olivia finally, reaching to pick up her jacket, sensing from the doctor's relaxed posture that their session was perhaps over.

"No...actually, I think I can tolerate most of what they do...."

"You can?"

" could have been worse..." concluded Alex, getting smoothly to her feet.

"Right...much worse..." agreed Olivia, smirking as she cottoned onto Alex's thinking.

"How?" enquired the doctor, standing, preparing to shake hands with her departing 'patients'. As she shook Alex's hand, the blonde canted her head to one side and said, with a perfectly straight face,

"Tell me Doctor, is it because I'm a lesbian?" only for Olivia to start laughing, an action that the doctor joined in with, but only on the inside....she was, afterall....a professional....

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