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CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: Hold that thought...

TITLE: Hold that thought...

AUTHOR: ncruuk

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fun


AUTHOR'S NOTES: Sap alert....

"You're kidding me...."

"No Elliot, I'm not...."

"All these years in the City, and you've never....?"

"No, I've never."

"You scared of heights?"

"No...." Elliot considered his partner and decided that the 'no' was genuine, and not an example of 'the lady doth protest too much'

"You've really never been?"

"No...." Frustrated, Olivia wondered what it would take to make her partner drop the subject.

"But you're gonna?"

"One day...."

"So it's not some massive statement you're making by not going?" Elliot was intrigued by this - he couldn't remember his partner being this irrational before

"No Elliot, it's not some massive statement.....just a thing..." sighed Olivia, wondering if he'd get back to his DD-5 and leave her in peace.

"A thing that means you don't want to come and serve the warrant or be there for the search...a that sort of thing?"

"A that sort of thing Elliot...." agreed Olivia, deciding to resume her DD-5 in the hope he'd maybe get the hint.

"But not a 'share with your partner' thing?"


"Huh...." Recognising she wasn't going to budge, Elliot returned to his paperwork.

"You sure you don't want to come?" asked Elliot, pulling on his coat, waving the blue warrant in front of her face.

"No, thank you...." replied Olivia, glancing out of the window at the gently falling snow, sipping her coffee.

"Your loss......." declared Elliot, spotting Munch gesturing to him to hurry up, prompting him to rush out, leaving his partner to man the phones in the empty squad room.

"You didn't go make the arrest?" asked Alex, coming into the squad room some time later.


"Even though it's your lead?"


"Why?" As she asked, Alex took her usual perch, right on the edge of Olivia's desk, her snow covered coat depositing melting snowflakes onto the worn surface.

"Didn't want to?" tried Olivia, only to earn herself a rather expressive look from her lover.

"Elliot said you had a reason...."

"He called you...."

“I called him...."

"It's not heights..."

"I know....but it's something...."

"What is it Liv?" asked Alex softly, running long fingers through Olivia's hair, taking advantage of the quiet time and soft light that the early snowfall was creating.

"You'll laugh..." decided Olivia eventually, knowing that she wasn't going to be able to wriggle out of the questions from Alex like she had her partner.

"Does it involve a conspiracy theory?"


"Then I won't laugh..."


"I promise...."

"I've never been...not to the very top."


"No....I nearly did, then...." Olivia paused whilst she considered her reason. It was weird - to her it always felt incredibly romantic, but to say it out loud? It was stupid....

"Hold that thought...." interrupted Alex suddenly, realising something.

"Alex?" Olivia was confused.

"You're about to be incredibly romantic...I know it...and I don't want to be here...."

"You want to go somewhere else?" asked Olivia, having an idea.

" pick...." Inside every great ADA there was a finely tuned gut instinct. Fortunately for Alex, hers was calibrated to work on more than just cases.

"Ok...." Grinning, Olivia grabbed her coat.

"I thought you didn't want to come here...." reasoned Alex, stepping out of the cab at the entrance to the skyscraper, the snowflakes clinging to her hair.

"I never said that.....I didn't want to serve the warrant...."

"Why not?"

"I've never been up there..."

"But now you want to?"

"Sure....two tickets please..." requested Olivia, going to the ticket window, and pulling out some bills.

"But the guys..." began Alex, thoroughly confused.

"Are perfectly capable of serving a warrant on the elevator attendant and searching his locker....we're not here for the case...." explained Olivia, leading her lover into the elevator and waiting for the doors to close.

"We're not?"


"But I thought you didn't want to come...."

"I didn't..." Olivia couldn't get much further because her ears popped, making her decide to table the conversation until they'd arrived.

"Better?" she asked Alex finally, seeing the blonde work her jaw to clear her ears.

"Much...I'm'd never been here..."

"You ever see the movie Sleepless in Seattle?"

"Who hasn't?" was Alex's immediate response, before suddenly what Olivia hadn't been telling her became clear.

"'d never..."

"Been up the Empire State Building before today? No...."

"Because of that?"

"I saw the movie...hadn't been up seemed a fairly dumb thing to do once I was a cop....the movie seemed like it had a good idea going..." muttered Olivia awkwardly, coming to a stop by the railings, the snow catching in her hair, the lights catching her eyes.

"And you didn't want to come with Elliot because...." Alex found her words failing her as she comprehended what Olivia was telling her. She'd been right, Olivia was being romantic.

"Because I didn't want the first time I came to the top of the Empire State Building to be serving a warrant to a bus boy..." Alex didn't need Olivia to go any further...she understood.

"I love you..." Olivia didn't need Alex to go any further...she understood perfectly, just as their kiss was.

Tags: [149], ncruuk, svu

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