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PICTURE FLUFF RESPONSE: What's new Pussycat?

TITLE: What's new Pussycat?

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM & PAIRING: SVU, surprise (but don't worry, you'll like it)

DISCLAIMERS: Not mine, no money, just some fluffy fun.....

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Don't panic early on and get upset with me.... *g*


"Could you drool anymore El?" asked Olivia, looking away from the interesting sight that had just walked into the squad room to shoot what she hoped was a withering glare at her partner but was probably showing too much amusement to be truly successful.

"I am not drooling..." he protested, reaching to take a gulp of his probably stone cold coffee - it wasn't the caffeine hit so much as the discreet opportunity to remove any evidence of his distraction.

"Of course not..." agreed Olivia sceptically, crossing her arms and settling back against a chair back, deciding that, if her colleagues were stopping work to watch, she might as well join them.

"Now who's drooling?" asked Elliot, making the mistake of not actually looking at Olivia's face as he said it.

"Munch?" suggested Olivia, canting her head slightly to consider the latest arrival to the 16th Precinct squad room.

"And Fin..." confirmed Elliot, glad he'd managed to get himself in order before his partner had noticed properly.

"Foolish..." remarked Olivia casually.

"Why? They're very good looking..."

"Oh, I'm not disagreeing..."

"But you think it's a bad idea to drool?" asked Elliot, wondering if he was about to get a lecture on professionalism from his partner.

"Yeah...they're going to regret it in the morning..."

"What? Ogling two good looking women dressed as Catwoman and Batwoman?" asked Elliot, enjoying the sight of the leather clad, masked blondes.

"Uh huh..." explained Olivia, deciding it was time to really mess with her male colleagues. Pushing up from her perch, she strode through the squad room until she was standing right in front of Catwoman.

"Hello..." She didn't have time to say anything more, because Catwoman pressed herself up against Olivia and delivered what could only be regarded as a rather intense kiss - it was in character after all, in the Halle Berry version Catwoman had a definite weakness for tall, dark detectives.... before turning on her heel and walking out, a smirking Batwoman in tow.

Feeling rather satisfied and smug, Olivia sauntered back to her desk, picking up her jacket.

"Where you going Liv?" asked Elliot, the first to find his voice after witnessing the decidedly sizzling scene his partner had just participated in.

"Grimp's apartment, we got our warrant..." she explained patiently, holding out the blue paper for him to see.

"But what about...."

"What about what John?" asked Olivia, hoping to conceal her amusement.

"That thing with 'Catwoman'? Did I miss you breaking up with Cabot?"


"That was worth a night on the couch..." reasoned Fin thoughtfully, replaying the scene in his mind.

"Not on the couch boys...." teased Olivia, waving the warrant in front of her partner, wondering how long it would take for him to figure it out.

"You got the warrant just now?" he finally asked.


"Catwoman gave you the warrant?"


"And you're not on the couch tonight?"

"Nope..." Smirking, Olivia headed towards the doors, calling out over her shoulder, "...I'll get the sedan..." as she left. She'd had her fun, she didn't need to be there the moment they all realised what had happened.

"That was CABOT?" asked Munch finally, when he could come up with no other solution.

"Can't be..." reasoned Fin, both men looking to Elliot for some help.

"Oh god..." Suddenly, something Olivia had told him that morning made perfect sense.

"Elliot?" asked John, scrutinising his colleague.

"The ADA's bash tonight - it's fancy dress..."

"So that was Cabot?"

"And Abbie Carmichael as Batwoman..."

"We're dead..." declared Fin, collapsing back into his chair.

"But smiling as we go..." confirmed John, returning to his paperwork...pity he hadn't had his camera....

Tags: [i], caps, ncruuk, svu

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