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TITLE: Shopping Discovery

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM: SVU Alex/Olivia

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just, well, reading pleasure I hope

SPOILERS: This requires you to know what 'Loss' was, but the fluff assumes she comes back :-)

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is fluffy...but it's also got a little bit of seriousness in it, but it's fluffy....and not angsty - everyone lives very happily ever after....

"...and one of those please..." continued Alex, pointing at the shelf, only to correct the assistant who was reaching for a small one, ", the four foot one please..."

"Alex?" Surprised, Alex spun around on her heel, although she managed to look neither embarrassed nor guilty.


"Court adjourned early..." Olivia decided to ignore what Alex was buying, since highlighting it would only draw attention to her own presence.

"Not exactly..."

"Oh?" Intrigued, and glad that her lover seemed happy to chat to her, Olivia leant against a display of goods, only for them to emit the most startling of noises, causing her to nearly leap back to a more upright, freestanding position, making Alex smile.

"It will resume tomorrow, once Mr Klinsmot has served his night in jail for Contempt..."

"Do I want to know what he did?" asked Olivia, picturing the defence attorney who, in Olivia's private opinion, was potentially the second most sleazy man she'd ever met, with the most sleazy being his client, who Alex was attempting to prosecute for gross public indecency...

"Probably not..." winced Alex, Olivia's question forcing her to remember.

"Ok then..."

"You're not working?" asked the blonde, suddenly needing to fill the silence.

"On call...Christmas shopping..."

"And Cragen let you out?" asked Alex, amazed.

"Sympathy...that and I've maxed out my overtime for the year..." admitted Olivia honestly, knowing that despite his gruffness, her Boss did have something of a soft spot for her and would probably ensure that she wasn't called in until her next shift began.

"Ah, excuse me, will that be all?" interrupted the assistant politely, the four foot high teddy bear added to an impressively sized heap of other stuffed animals and children’s toys.

"I think so, what do you think Liv?" asked Alex, automatically looking to Olivia for her opinion.

"Umm, it's a big pile Alex..."

"Do you think it's enough?"

"Alex, there are enough toys there to give a Christmas present to twenty kids..." guessed Olivia, surveying the assorted board games, building blocks and stuffed toys.

"Good...yes, thank you, I'm done..." declared the blonde, nodding her thanks to the assistant, who immediately began packing up the toys and putting them through the till.

"What's the occasion?" asked Olivia, wondering why Alex was buying all these toys.

"Christmas? It's a time for giving things to other people?" teased Alex gently, knowing that wasn't really what Olivia meant, but not sure she was entirely ready to just blurt it out.

"Which reminds me..." muttered Olivia, turning to contemplate the toy department, suddenly distracted from their conversation with the knowledge that she had actually come to Macy's Toy Department for a reason.

"Elliot's kids?" guessed Alex, slipping her hand around Olivia's arm, content that the store clerk would keep her goods until she was ready to pay for them.

"Yeah, Dickie really....I need something suitably exciting for him that will drive Elliot mad but not piss off Kathy..." explained Olivia, grinning as she remembered the fun she'd had last year with the Action Man she'd bought - Kathy had loved it since Dickie had sat quietly playing with it, except when he had questions, questions she easily deflected with a 'ask your father Dickie, he was in the Marines...' resulting in Elliot having to deal with a never-ending stream of questions. He was not pleased with his partner come New Years....

"What normally works?" asked Alex, glad that her lover had been temporarily distracted from their earlier conversation topic - it wasn't that Alex didn't want Olivia to know, she just didn't want the store assistants to know too.

"Something that keeps him quiet and occupied, with any questions or help being obviously Elliot's area of skill..." explained Olivia, slightly cryptically.

"What did you get last year?"

"An Action Man with a truck and stuff - he played with it for hours according to Kathy, with Elliot getting all his questions...."

"A successful present then?" guessed Alex, correctly.

"Yeah...but this year I'm stumped..." admitted Olivia, casting her eye forlornly over the brightly coloured packages that stretched as far as the eye could see. Picking a suspect out of a city of people was easy for the seasoned detective; finding a Christmas present for an eight year old in a toy store? Hell....

"Was Dickie the one Elliot was proud of for making a tower out of playing cards?" asked Alex, remembering Elliot proudly showing a picture of a smiling boy standing proudly next to a tall tower made from playing cards.


"How about a construction set?" asked Alex thoughtfully, turning Olivia slightly so she was looking at the display of complex looking structures built from a variety of materials.

"Isn't he a little young?" asked Olivia thoughtfully, who, despite her concerns, was already heading towards the display, intent on examining the possibilities.

"There are different types for different ages..." reasoned Alex, unable to conceal the smile that Olivia's curious enthusiasm triggered, not to mention sudden thoughts about Christmas shopping for their own children, thoughts Alex was quick to stop...this was neither the time nor the place to suddenly fundamentally alter her stance on motherhood. Perhaps Serena could give her god-children to spoil....

"I'm glad that was the last of my Christmas shopping..." observed Olivia, glad to be curled up on their couch rather than heading back out to battle the Manhattan crowds, either as a police officer or Christmas shopper.

"It was getting tense..." agreed Alex, remembering the tempers that were starting to fray as some of the more popular goods began to get down to single figures of stock levels. Neither woman had wanted to be around when it came to two determined socialites and one remaining luxury champagne hamper...

"But we're done now..." confirmed Olivia, drawing her lover deeper into her embrace.

"Every last present..." agreed Alex, mentally reviewing everyone who she thought she needed presents for and enjoying the satisfaction of being able to picture an already purchased gift for every one of them, including some 'emergency' gifts of champagne and chocolates, waiting in suitably neutral gold wrapping paper to be given to any surprises that may be sprung on Alex in the coming few days.

"Including toys for twenty kids..." commented Olivia quietly, returning to the original starting point for their unexpected joint shopping excursion.

"Not twenty specifically..." corrected Alex, preparing to explain her slightly strange behaviour.


"I left the city in a rush, the hospital was able to splint my shoulder enough so that I could travel..." began Alex, not needing to specify what time she was talking about, Olivia already knew.

"You were in a sling..." recalled Olivia, instinctively pulling Alex even tighter to her, as if in an attempt to reassure the blonde that Olivia wouldn't let her leave so easily again.

"Yes, but under that jumper I just had bandages to stop the bleeding...I wouldn't get the surgery for a couple more Portland..." explained Alex, remembering the torturous journey she'd had to make, using various identities and various modes of transport as the Marshals endeavoured to invent a new life for her, one that Velez and his men couldn't find. In that grand scheme of things, being admitted to hospital for surgery to her shoulder came an important yet secondary objective.

"You asked the store to ship the toys..." recalled Olivia, surprised but rather relieved that, once Alex had paid for the toys, the only package they had to carry out with them through the hoards of stressed shoppers, was the construction set for Dickie.

"To the children's floor in the hospital there...they were very kind to Alexis Fortune, very kind to everyone, especially the children..." recalled Alex, remembering the friendly staff who let her 'brothers' sit with her all night, who let the children play in the sunshine if they were well enough, who let her mind come to grips with what was left of her life as they got to grips with the mess her shoulder was in. That she could still do everything with her right arm that she'd done previously was less a testament to her would-be killer's shooting skills and entirely due to the two surgeries and careful nursing she'd received when she'd finally made it to a hospital.

"It's an anonymous donation..." continued Alex suddenly, needing to talk to stop herself from breaking down.

"Not having a name to thank doesn't lessen the impact...." observed Olivia, pressing a kiss to her lover's soft hair, once again marvelling at the amazing strength and spirit her lover had.

"You're not angry?"

"That you want to give a hospital full of sick children some new toys for Christmas? Of course not sweetie..." insisted Olivia genuinely, stroking Alex's stomach with her fingers.

"That I didn't tell you sooner..."

"No..." confirmed Olivia, turning Alex around in her lap so that she could kiss her on the lips, a kiss that soon became something more...

"What was that for?" asked Alex finally, when Olivia ended the kiss.

"Do I need a reason?"

"Do you have a reason?" countered Alex, reminding Olivia why she rarely liked to debate with Alex when they were snuggling, it was just too mentally draining...

"I do as it happens..."



"Care to share it Detective?"

"What's my incentive Counsellor?"

"I don't think you're in a position to deal..." teased Alex, the light banter relaxing her again, making her forget about the stressful time she'd spent in Witness Protection and her fears about Olivia being angry with her about the toys.

"You're right Counsellor, I'm not interested in deals..."

"You're confessing?"

"To being in love with you? Whenever you ask me..." confirmed Olivia, before distracting Alex with another kiss...and another...and...well, it was certainly more pleasurable than Christmas shopping....

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  • Fic: Tarred and Feathered

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