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TITLE: Teasing Out (not my best, but then I've mention where titles appear on my strengths that section called 'weaknesses')

AUTHOR: ncruuk

FANDOM: SVU Alex/Olivia, though Olivia is never actually present....

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just, well, reading pleasure I hope

"Tuna salad and a brown roll..." declared Alex, striding into the expansive office with a view of Central Park that private practice now afforded Serena Southerlyn.

"To know me this well we must either know each other far too well or be lovers..." observed Serena, closing the file she had been reading seconds before Alex had swept in, "...speaking of which, how is Olivia?"

"In court..." grumbled Alex, waiting obediently for Serena to clear her desk before the bag containing the take out from the deli around the corner was unpacked.

"Right now?" asked Serena, puzzled, only for her confusion to be alleviated by the first item that Alex drew out of the bag...a chilled bottle of white wine.

"She's not in my court..." explained Alex, putting the bottle down with perhaps a little more force than necessary.


"Naturally..." declaimed Alex, stalking over to the corner which housed Serena's small glass collection and, most importantly of all, her corkscrew. With Alex's back turned, it afforded Serena a moment to smirk at her best friend's predicament, before ensuring, as Alex set about returning to the desk with two glasses and a corkscrew, that her face was suitably serious.

"This isn't a SVU case then?"


"And she's just giving evidence?"


"Was she lead detective?"

"No..." Throughout Serena's questioning, Alex was mechanically unpacking the lunches - tuna for Serena, chicken for Alex - her movements abrupt and stiff.

"Why is she giving evidence then?"

"She made the arrest..."

"Did you come to have lunch or to give me a chance to keep my cross-examination of hostile witnesses’ technique up to speed? Only if it's the later..."

"I'm sorry Serena..." apologised Alex, suddenly realising it really wasn't fair to take her mood out on her best friend, especially when she'd just invited herself around for lunch.

"You're forgiven, now, how about starting from the beginning?" suggested the former ADA, stabbing a slice of cucumber with her fork and munching contentedly.

"Olivia's giving evidence in court today for a homicide case..." began Alex, distractedly selecting a piece of lettuce and taking small bite, her mind obviously no where near food.

"And you're angsty because someone else is cross-examining her?" guessed Serena, all too aware of how possessive ADAs could become of their star witnesses, especially serial performers like Alex had. Amazingly, Alex's nerves probably had little to do with Olivia being her lover, and much more to do with professional pride about how well 'trained' the ADA could get their detectives to 'perform'. It really wouldn't do for Olivia to falter under cross examination in another ADA's case, especially if her participation was minimal...

"No!" Alex was immediately concerned that her response sounded too, well, concerned, so tried to correct her perceived gaff, "Yes!" an attempt which only made Serena's smirk grow and Alex's blush begin, prompting her to finally stumble, " least, well, it's not the cross, or my reputation..."

"What is it then?" asked Serena, suddenly no longer amused but genuinely concerned. It was one thing to tease a fellow attorney about professional ego, but Olivia was a close friend, and Serena wasn't in love with her...much...

"I don't want her teased..." confessed Alex quietly, scrutinising her salad intently in an attempt to conceal her blushes from Serena.

"Because she's giving evidence in a homicide? They're not that bad..." exclaimed Serena, partly in an attempt to defend her former career, but also to try and lighten Alex's mood a little.

"No...because of the evidence...."

"What happened?"

"She arrested the guy who's now the suspect for the homicide..." explained Alex, finally selecting a carrot slice to crunch noisily on.

"But she arrested him for something else, not the homicide?" speculated Serena, wondering what sort of offence would expose the seasoned SVU detective to teasing - there couldn't be much worse than 'panty police', could there?

"Theft...and the booking officer added assault of a police officer to his ticket..."

"He assaulted Olivia?" asked Serena, surprised. She couldn't remember Alex mentioning Olivia getting hurt in any of her recent arrests....

"It happened in the store down the street from our apartment..." began Alex, finally resigning herself to a full 'confession' and placing her virtually untouched lunch on the desk before sitting back in her chair and crossing her legs in an attempt to assume a semi-relaxed pose.

"That 'anything and everything market' that I thought only existed in TV shows?" guessed Serena, remembering the store that she'd flat out refused to believe could exist, even in Manhattan...

"Yeah, we'd run out of ice cream...this guy came in whilst Liv was queuing and tried to rob the store with a baseball bat..."

"So she played hero and arrested him..."



"She got part way through reading his rights for the attempted robbery when he kicked out at her, knocking her into a display of produce..."


"Tomatoes..." admitted Alex shyly, only for her answer to be drowned by sudden guffaws of laughter from Serena.

"It's not funny..." protested Alex, annoyed at her friend.

"'s not..." wheezed Serena, having to put her wine glass back on the desk to avoid spilling it.

"But you're laughing..."

"I'm sorry..." apologised Serena, doing her best to calm down. Alex was right, it wasn't funny, exactly...

"No..." mused Alex, reconsidering the situation now that it was her friend who was laughing, her friend who she knew so well that Alex was completely convinced the humour she was seeing in the situation was not malicious....

"I'd heard about that arrest...hadn't realised it was Olivia though..."

"You'd heard about it?" asked Alex, amazed. She hadn't realised Serena had kept that closely informed about the court house gossip.

"Jack told me...he was quite impressed..."

"How did Jack know?"

"Lenny Briscoe told him..."


"She must have been a sight when she came home...." mused Serena, deciding it was safe to resume her wine.

"She was....dripping..." confessed Alex, smiling at the memory of her lover when she had returned from the eventful trip to the store.

"And it stains..." mused Serena sympathetically.

"I made her strip in the hall...." admitted Alex, blushing as she remembered Olivia carefully watching as Alex put her gun on a table before she removed her clothes and left them in a damp heap just outside their apartment door (fortunately, the neighbours didn't feel like visiting the hallway at that time).

"And she's got to confess this on the stand?" asked Serena, wandering if Alex was sufficiently relaxed to stand some teasing of her own now.

"Of course not!"

"I think she can handle the teasing then...." concluded Serena, reaching once more for her salad - as much as she enjoyed the white wine Alex had brought, her report would make far more sense this afternoon if she drank it with a tuna salad chaser.

"I'm being silly?"

"Completely..." agreed Serena, smiling.

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't've made my day...."

"You'd better not be daydreaming about my girlfriend stripping for you..." warned Alex sharply, knowing far too well that 'tall, butch and handsome' was exactly the cliché Serena adored, and one that Olivia was rather good at...not that Alex ever complained about it....except when Olivia was in need of a hair cut, but...

"Oh that's a high spot definitely, but it was actually knowing it was Olivia who made that arrest..."

"It is rather funny..." concluded Alex reluctantly, now prepared to see just the humour in the situation and not instead distract herself with worrying...

"Even more so when I know it's Olivia...I mean, she was actually dripping?" asked Serena, fascinated.

"Not dripping exactly, more like 'dropping'..."


"Chunks and pieces, rather than actual liquid... she said she fell head first..."

"Ouch..." Serena winced in sympathy before concluding, " least she had a soft landing, no harm done really..."

"Except to the tomatoes..."

"Why did he have so many boxes of tomatoes anyway?" asked Serena, eager to know more the one fact that hadn't made sense.

"It was a delivery for the restaurant next door - Mario collects from the market as the groceries are delivered at 5am..."

"Ah...hey, you guys busy tonight?" asked Serena, getting a sudden idea.

"No, why?"

"I think it's my treat for dinner...I'll cook..."

"You will?"


"Serena...." cautioned Alex, grinning in spite of herself.

"....with tomato sauce...I'll get a bib for Olivia...."

Tags: [148], ncruuk, svu

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  • Fic: Tarred and Feathered

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