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FLUFF all of you!!! (yes, you, no, really...YOU!)


As many of you will have noticed (let's face it, it's rather hard to miss at present), Hollywood has waded knee deep into the Award Show season, with hip deep waters being reached right around Oscars night, in approximately one month's time. In honour of this momentous (or hideous, depending on your perspective) occasion, I, your local friendly fluff dealer, would like to lead you, the happy members of the community (all 101 of you!) in a new fluff challenge....the group fluff.

The concept is hopefully, very straightforward, and designed to include as many of you as possible, even the most reluctant lurker who swears they will never write a word...

We've all read the papers or watched the television during the red carpet season and, whilst most of us probably don't have massively strong feelings who wins in the majority of the awards, we've all expressed some sort of opinion about how the stars LOOK when they gather for those awards...and I have no reason to believe that, in fanfic, this should be any different. Behind the cut is a poll, asking for your vote as to which of the listed fandoms (including an any character free-for-all) you would like to help write - you can vote for one or all...and yes, you did read that right.

On February 10, two weeks before the Oscars I will post the opening lines to fluffs in the fandoms you have chosen, setting our favourite ladies up for a night on the couch, watching the Red Carpet, favourite snacks and witty comments to hand. After they're settled comfortably, and the stars are arriving, I will turn the fluffs over to you guys...anyone can write the next bit by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post. There are no 'turns', no minimum word limits, no pressure...and a genuine desire that as many people as possible join in, even if you've never written before - we can all type "What was she thinking...lime green?" or words to that effect, no matter how much of a lurker you are.

The catch is, it will only work if as many people play as possible, starting with fandom selection so, without further delay...

Poll #914770 Award Show Red Carpet Fluffs

Which fandoms should I start?

L&O (Mothership, SVU)
West Wing
Murder in Surburbia
Star Trek: Voyager
Multi-fandom free-for-all (any characters we feel like!)

Thank you for voting, any comments, questions or ideas, do drop a comment....

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