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RANDOM FLUFF: Recipe for Romance

TITLE: Recipe for Romance

AUTHOR: ncruuk

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fluff

FANDOM: L&O:SVU - Olivia/Alex

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I'm sleepy, they're sleepy, some of us are boozy...

"Alex?" called out Olivia, shutting their front door behind her. It had been a long week, and for once she'd been all to glad to leave at one minute past the end of shift, threatening as she left to personally castrate, without the benefit of even a blunt teaspoon, anyone who called her in over the weekend. She had downtime, damn it, and she was taking it.

"In here..." called out an equally weary Alex, Olivia tracing her lover's voice to their bedroom.

"You look crap Alex..." declared Olivia honestly, leaning against the doorframe and contemplating her tired lover.

"Pot? Kettle's been on hold on line one all afternoon..." countered Alex sarcastically, shooting her lover a thoroughly dirty look before undoing the final button of her blouse and tossing the garment in the general direction of the hamper - it fell on the floor, but Alex made no attempt to gather it up - that was what Saturday mornings were for.

"But now it's the weekend..." declared Olivia, slipping off her shoes and heading to the closet, intending to find something softer and generally better suited to loafing with her lover.

"Are you going to get called in?" asked Alex, joining Olivia in her contemplation of their closet as the ADA was also searching for an outfit change.

"Depends..." concluded Olivia, turning to first look and then grin at her lover...who really looked far too good in just her black lace bra and suit pants.

"Don't even think about it, I'm too..." Alex didn't know what she was, but she knew she wasn't yet in the right frame of mind to enjoy what Olivia's rakish grin was suggesting...and Alex wanted to enjoy it...properly.

"Would you be offended if I agreed with you?" asked Olivia honestly, returning her attention to the pile of t-shirts and pulling out two NYPD ones, one of which she handed to Alex.

"Actually, no...just depressed..." sighed Alex, taking the t-shirt from Olivia and pulling it over her head, relishing the soft worn cotton and the comfort that wearing something of Olivia's always brought her.

"Depressed?" asked Olivia sharply, concerned, although that concern disappeared when she saw how Alex was watching her as she stripped out of her jeans and shirt ready to change into t-shirt and running shorts.

"'s Friday night, my lover, the devilishly sexy NYPD detective has the weekend off and is currently standing half naked in my bedroom..." began Alex, crossing to stand nearer Olivia, "...and all I can think about..."

"Is the two beers in the fridge and some mindless TV?" guessed Olivia, knowing exactly how her lover felt.

"Am I a very bad girlfriend?" asked Alex, concerned yet also relieved at her lover's ability to verbalise her thoughts.

"Depends..." teased Olivia, finding some thick socks so her toes wouldn't freeze.


"Whether you fall asleep on the couch before I do..." admitted Olivia honestly, genuinely concerned that one beer and her evening would be over. She was completely convinced she'd had less than ten hours sleep in the entire week, with her long hours and lack of sleep rubbing off on Alex. The arrest that afternoon had injected the exhausted squad and their ADA with a much needed shot of adrenaline, but even that could only last so long...

"Are we officially old now?" asked Alex, grabbing her glasses and following Olivia out into the living room, pondering this new strategy for their Friday nights - at home, watching TV, trying to stay awake - what happened to the desire to constantly tear each other's clothes off.

"I don't think so..." declared Olivia, settling into the corner of the couch before pulling Alex down so they were snuggled together.

"You sure?" asked Alex, carefully shuffling into the most comfortable position, her head resting on Olivia's chest.

" means something quite different, and much better..." decided Olivia, snagging the remote with her free hand and passing it to Alex.

"It does?" asked Alex, looking up at Olivia, the action knocking her glasses askew.

"Sure..." agreed Olivia, straightening the glasses with her finger before dropping a kiss to the tip of Alex's nose, " just means we're still in love..."

"Mmmm..." hummed Alex, agreeing with Olivia's assessment of their situation, "...I agree..." Alex stretched up and kissed Olivia briefly, "...definitely still in love..."

Tags: ncruuk, svu

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