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CHALLENGE FLUFF RESPONSE: Sunday in the park with....Jack?

TITLE: Sunday in the park with...Jack?

AUTHOR: ncruuk

DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fun...oh, and a tiny bit of Sam-whumping *g*

FANDOM: SG1, Sam/Janet

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a challenge response...and is rather random, but I just got stuck with a visual...that was absolutely nothing to do with the challenge....but hopefully, despite my best efforts to make this something else, it's still fluffy...

"How's the head Carter?" asked Jack jovially, breezing into the SGC Infirmary, an impressively large stuffed bear in his arms.

"Better when people don't talk so loud, sir..." muttered Sam carefully, getting as near to insubordination as she ever would.

"Sorry..." apologised Jack, hooking a rolling stool with his foot and settling down next to her bed, instinctively placing the bear on his knee.

"My replacement?" asked Sam, gesturing with her finger at the plush bear, currently wearing a leather flight jacket and goggles.

"Funny Major..." chastised Jack, looking down at the bear as if seeing it for the first time, "...actually, it's a gift..."

"For me Sir?" asked Sam, nervous. Whilst there had always been a bit of an undercurrent to the relationship she had with her C.O., she'd thought they'd been getting along much better recently, especially when Hammond of all people decided to have a chat with his Colonel about his goddaughter...and who she'd gone to the Prom with (Jenny Sholman, and the less remembered about her, the better!), but still...a bear?

"Actually,'s for Fraiser..." Ok, there was one thing worse than her C.O. buying her a stuffed bear, and that was her C.O. buying her girlfriend a stuffed bear.

"He have a name?" asked Sam, seconds before her eyes caught the stitched name tag on the flight jacket - J O'Neill.

"Jack O'Neill..." announced Jack proudly, before adding, "...and no jokes about the likeness, Teal'c already did them..."

"I wouldn't dream of it Sir..." confirmed Sam honestly, her brain thinking as best it could given it's somewhat achy state as she tried to come up with some reason, any reason why her C.O. was giving her girlfriend a bear named after him.

" think she'll like him?" asked Jack, oblivious to the confusion he was causing for Sam.

"I'm sure she will Sir..."

"She will what Sam?" asked Janet, coming into earshot, noticing Jack a second later, "...Colonel..." she greeted, her coolness not missed by Sam.

"Doctor..." countered Jack, impressively formally, even jumping to his feet. As a Colonel with many years service, he outranked Janet, but, in her infirmary...even by Jack's laid back standards, this was respect overkill.

"Nice bear..." observed Janet wryly, instinctively feeling for Sam's pulse to check that her most special patient was doing fine.

"He's for you..." admitted Jack quickly, thrusting the bear out in front of him, so it was hovering over the bed.

"Thank you..." accepted Janet politely, not taking the bear, "...what's the occasion?" asked Janet sceptically, much to her lover's relief. Sam was glad it wasn't just her brain that was struggling to follow plot.

"I thought a second Colonel Jack O'Neill might be useful..."

"I bet you did..." mused Janet, suddenly having an extremely good idea what was going on, before adjusting her tone, "'s a creative thought, Sir..."

"So you'll take him?" asked Jack, suddenly hopeful.

"Thank you Sir, he'll go nicely in my office at the hospital, I'm sure Maisie Godrege will love to play with him when she comes for her next tests..." explained Janet, mentioning the little girl, the seven year old daughter of one of the Airmen on the base who was currently being treated by Janet at the Academy Hospital for leukaemia.

"How's the squirt doing?" asked Jack, genuinely interested. At the SGC barbeque last summer the bubbly child had charmed everyone.

"Good Sir, she's turned the corner..."

"Great...well, you should do that too Carter..." decided Jack, carefully placing the bear in Sam's lap before turning to leave the infirmary.

"Yes Sir..." responded Sam obediently, even though she was still thoroughly confused. Just why was Jack giving Janet a bear? And why was Janet being so distant with him?

"Good...I'll be off then..." concluded Jack, his gift delivered.

"Colonel?" called out Janet, just as he reached the door.

"Yes Doc?"

"You're not off the hook Jack..." warned Janet, the rare use of his first name stopping him in his tracks and turning to look back at the diminutive doctor who, for all his teasing comments, he had the utmost respect for.

"I know Janet...I'm trying to say I'm sorry..." he admitted honestly, not wanting to look at his team mate who, even now, was still completely confused as to what was happening and, in an attempt to clear her head, was blinking owlishly.

"Apology accepted..." decided Janet, looking fondly at the bear, and her lover, who, still confused, was nevertheless grinning contentedly when it seemed her two closest friends were, well, friends again, although she hadn’t noticed a falling out. Seeing the smile and hearing the warmth return to her voice, Jack decided now was a safe moment to leave, only for Janet's voice to echo around the otherwise empty infirmary, "...but you're not off the hook Sir, 0600 Monday, a full physical, with the really, really big needles..."

"But no limb tearing?" asked Jack hopefully.

"No, you're safe from limb tearing..." agreed Janet, recalling her earlier threat and sufficiently calm now to not repeat it.

"0600 Monday, see you then Doc..." confirmed Jack, preparing to leave the infirmary again, glad that Janet was still talking to him.

"Jan?" asked Sam finally, when they were once more alone in the infirmary.


"What's going on?"

"Colonel O'Neill bought me a bear..."


"An apology...for scaring me earlier..." explained Janet, even now not wanting to be reminded of the abrupt ending to the SGC cook-out at Jack's earlier in the afternoon.

"I don't remember..." admitted Sam, furrowing her brow in frustration.

"You were unconscious sweetie..." explained Janet gently, running her fingers through Sam's short hair.

" got mad at him?"

"He knocked you unconscious...I nearly had to operate..." admitted Janet quietly, reluctant to admit how scared she'd been when she'd looked across the garden and seen her lover literally crumple to the floor.

"But you didn't...I'm still here..." reasoned Sam, suddenly having a better idea what the bear was all about. Janet's greatest threat was to tear someone limb from limb, without the benefit of analgesics, a threat she reserved only for those who she felt had generated unnecessary and potentially serious extra work for her by crass stupidity. As Base threats went, it was one of the more seriously taken ones, up there with Goa'uld invasion and Replicator over-run, and explained the bear - it was just like Jack to volunteer a substitute for Janet to attack.

"I know, and I'm very glad..." After the event, with Sam awake and talking, Janet was starting to feel a little foolish with her over-reaction earlier, but head injuries were always risky, and the back of Sam's neck was especially sensitive, following all the Goa'uld Symbiotes that had settled there...

"And anyway..." mused Sam thoughtfully, before breaking into a broad grin, "...the Marines will never let him forget it..." she said, as she began to see the funny side of her situation, at least, until she tried to chuckle – people with concussion really shouldn’t do that.

"It is rather silly..." agreed Janet, beginning to see the funny side herself, now that Sam was smirking, her blue eyes sparkling with the perverse humour of the situation.

"After everything SG1 has been through, all the injuries and accidents...and now this..."

"Everyone's already asking why SG1's off the mission list for the next four weeks..." agreed Janet, starting to smile as she considered the added perks of having her lover Earth-based for the next four weeks, even with the concussion to recover from.

"That I've got concussion?"

"Hmm...a concussion Jack O'Neill gave you...."

"That will set the rumours going..."

"Think anyone will believe the truth?"

"Probably not, it is rather silly..."

"You should have looked when he called your name..."

"I didn't hear him..."

"Do I need to do a hearing test?"

"No, a wardrobe inventory...I was distracted by your bathing suit..." admitted Sam, fondly remembering what she had been staring at so intently as to miss hearing her name being called by Jack, seconds before her world went black.

"Ah, so it's my fault?" teased Janet, glad for so many reasons that her lover was telling her this, not least because it meant Sam's memory was unaffected by the black out.

"That Colonel O'Neill knocked me out by throwing a frisbee at me?"




"On whether I've got the CMO to personally supervise my bed rest..."

"I'm sure it can be arranged..." confirmed Janet, any doubts she had about her lover's recovery firmly quashed by what could only be described as a healthy leer which was somehow still extremely loving and affectionate, and currently plastered across Major Carter's face.

"When can I go home Doctor?"

Leaving the bear on the bed, Janet turned on her heel and started towards her office, glad that the patented SG1 whining had begun, a sure sign their return to full health was beginning.

"After you've napped and eaten some jello Major..."

"Blue?" asked Sam hopefully, all the while fighting to keep her eyes open a moment longer, a battle she'd been slowly losing for the last few moments, as Janet had already spotted.

"I'll call the Mess..." Janet's promise fell on deaf ears...Major Carter was fast asleep, snuggled up with Colonel O'Neill...the bear, that is!
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