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Title: An Interesting Easter
Author: Rachel
Rating: g
Fandom: svu
Challengers: elfcat255 and ncruuk
Challenge: any pairing, cell phone, bar and I can't tell you the other one because it'll give away the story. I wrote it at the end, though.
Disclaimer: Dick Wolf's ownership of the characters
Note: I have no idea how this will read. It is a product of my sometimes 'out there' imagination... Some knowledge of Jewish dietary laws will probably be helpful :)

“You make houses out of them?” Alex furrowed her eyebrows in bewilderment as she spoke on her cell phone to Olivia’s eight-year-old cousin.

“You make houses with Auntie Livvy instead of an Easter egg hunt…” Olivia and Alex were on a road trip to Iowa, to celebrate Easter with Olivia’s closest family.

“Aha, since Auntie Livvy gets there in the afternoon,” Alex looked over at her girlfriend, whose eyes were on the road, amused that she just referred to her as ‘Auntie Livvy,’ “she misses the Easter egg hunt, and you make houses with her so that she can celebrate too.”

“Wow…” Alex said with a quickly growing smile and a side glance to Olivia, “your dad converted to Judaism, but since being Jewish is passed down through the mother you can still have Easter egg hunts…” Alex did her best to suppress a laugh as she responded to that one. Olivia had less success, almost spraying the steering wheel with the sip of coffee she’d just taken. Precocious children can be a hoot…

“So, you hunt eggs in the morning and then make houses when Auntie Livvy gets there in the afternoon…”

“Your mom says its o.k. to do both because you only see Auntie Livvy twice a year… even though it’s a lot of sugar.” Alex covered the phone with her hand, elbowed Olivia, and silently mouthed, “This kid is hysterical!”

“Oh… and since your dad isn’t sure if Twinkies are kosher…” Olivia almost sprayed coffee on the steering wheel a second time, and coughed, while Alex again stifled a laugh, “you make the houses on paper plates.”

“No, I’ve never built houses with Twinkies…”

“Yes, there is a first time for everything…”

Alex’s eyes got bigger and as Olivia glanced at her she thought a permanent grin might be etching itself onto her girlfriend’s face. “Wow, you’ve been doing it since you were four, so it’s become like a family tradition… yes, half your life…”

“I’ll bet it’s really fun…” Olivia nodded in enthusiastic agreement. It was one of her favorite parts of Easter, and she was filled with joyful excitement because this year she was sharing the experience with Alex.

“Sadie, what do you use to hold the Twinkies together? … Ah, toothpicks and icing…”

Olivia, nodding again, leaned over whispering, “homemade, colored icing.”

Alex, who had looked at her girlfriend to learn about the icing, looked back down at her lap to concentrate on the conversation with Sadie. “Yes, I can see how that would be sort of like a gingerbread house, but different.”

“Hmmm… so you have special knives to cut them with… and your dad is o.k. with the knives… Just as long as Josh is supervised so he won’t hurt himself with them… and you don’t mix them with milk or meat the rest of the year…” Jewish dietary law was obviously an important part of family life. *Gotta ask Olivia to help me brush up on that* Alex mentally noted to herself.

“Well Sadie, thanks for telling me. Auntie Livvy told me to call you when I asked her why she buys Twinkies at every gas station we stop at – she said you’d explain it to me.”

“Yes, you did a great job explaining…” Alex instinctively nodded her head.

“Well, we have, oh…” Alex turned around to see the piles of Twinkies in the back seat, “I’d say about 40 packages so far…”

“Yes, she’s made sure to write the name of the state and town where she gets each package.”

Olivia had been adamant about writing down the location and taping it onto each package before leaving the place where they’d purchased it. It was for some kind of game they played. “Map The Route Aunt Livvy Took” Olivia had called it when Alex asked.

“O.K. Sadie, it was really nice talking to you but I’ve got to go… yes, Aunt Livvy just pulled off the freeway and we are in a town looking for a gas station to buy some more.” Alex was falling in love with Olivia’s family fast. Still concentrating on the conversation she also reflexively reached out and played with the hair on the back of her girlfriend’s neck. “I can’t wait to meet you and the rest of your family…”

“Hi Sadie! Say hi to Josh! We’ll see you soon!” Olivia said loudly. Alex smiled at her and hung up the phone.

“She’s great, isn’t she?”

Alex chuckled, “Yes. She’s so friendly.”

“Well, I’ve told her about how special you are,” Olivia smiled at her as they turned onto a street in the middle of the town, “and she’s excited you’re coming. Plus, she wants to be a lawyer.”

“Ah, well I’ll be sure to show her all the legal briefs I brought with me. Maybe get her help…” Alex glanced around at the seedy neighborhood.

“Bar… bar… bar… strip club…” Olivia noted as they continued down the road.

“Think they sell Twinkies? It is Iowa…”

“Nah… but I’ll bet that gas station does,” Olivia pointed ahead two blocks.

As Olivia came back to the car after buying two more packages Alex met her with tape, the name of the state and town written down, a happy kiss, and, as they drove off, questions about Jewish dietary laws.

Other challenge: Alex/Olivia, road trip, twinkies
Tags: svu

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