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TITLE: Boundary Babes

AUTHOR: ncruuk


DISCLAIMER: not mine, no profit, just fun

SUMMARY: It's cricket...but not as any of us know it...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you've seen any of the Twenty20 World Cup, you'll know exactly what I'm fluffing about *g*. If you haven''re not imagining hard enough *g*

"What is that noise?" asked Alex, walking up to Olivia who was focussed on the television, seemingly unaware of how loud it was.

"What?" asked the Detective, unable to distinguish exactly what Alex had said owing to the sudden rock music blasting from the television.

"What are you watching?" asked Alex carefully, making sure Olivia, who was a rather proficient lip reader, could see her mouth moving.

"Sports..." grinned Olivia, prompting Alex to groan. She'd never really understood the attraction of watching sports on television.

"Which one?"


"Why?" As far as she was concerned, cricket was the worst possible sport that was shown on television, with it only ever being played by sides she had no loyalty to, following rules she couldn't understand, at a speed that seemed impossibly pedestrian over a number of days that seemed extravagantly generous. In short, she found it dull and pointless.

"Because it's good..." explained Olivia, gesturing to the screen as another blast of music evidently echoed around the sports arena which was full of brightly coloured supporters all enthusiastically responding to whatever had just happened.

"Sure it is..." agreed Alex sceptically, placing the treats she'd liberated from the hospital vending machine in front of her lover, grateful that, despite the broken hand, Olivia had managed to survive the arrest with no real injury...

"Thanks..." said Olivia, quickly selecting the packet of her favourite candy that Alex had managed to find for her, not letting her eyes leave the television for longer than absolutely necessary.

"So, who's winning?" It was a safe question, which worked for all sports.

"I'm not sure...but I think the green ones..." admitted Olivia, identifying the team who currently only had two people on the park, as opposed to the other team who were dressed in blue.

"Oh?" The information bar at the bottom of the screen flashed up, saying that, after 12.5, England were 100-4. Assuming the figures permanently displayed were the score for 'SA', the green people, it would seem that after 12.5 the green people had 106-2.

"They seem to have more points for fewer outs..." mused Olivia, chomping happily on her sugar hit, which she'd finally managed to rip into with teeth and one hand.

"You can tell that how?" asked Alex, deciding to overcome her sports loathing long enough to treat understanding the game as an intellectual challenge, just glad that there was something distracting her lover from what had to be a very painful (if well numbed and strapped) broken left hand, courtesy of their suspect stamping on it.

"Those sticks were knocked down and the batter changed - I think that's like an out..."

"Ah...and the points?"

"You run between the bases..." began Olivia, only to have her suggestion disproved when the batter hit the ball so it rolled all the way to a rope on the edge of the park. The points score increased but the batters didn't run between the bases, "...or hit home run type things..."

"Type things?" asked Alex, wondering how a home run could have multiple types.

"Yeah...earlier, one of the green guys it the ball out of the park...he got six points..." recalled Olivia as, conveniently, one of the green guys repeated the process, aiding her explanation.

"And dancing girls..." retorted Alex dryly as suddenly, rather than focussing on the men in blue and green, the screen was filled with 4 rather attractive dancers, two guys and two girls.

"So it would seem..." tried Olivia, wondering if she could bluff her way out of this.

"They were doing that when you turned on the TV, weren't they?" asked Alex astutely, suddenly understanding why Olivia was watching cricket - it was the same reason why her cousin Jake would watch basketball...

"I saw the home run first!" protested Olivia weakly.

"Of course you did..." agreed Alex, grinning at her lover, before returning her gaze to the television, where the blue people seemed to be rearranging themselves rather energetically, obviously in the hope of being better.

"That hit got them six points..." mused Olivia, deciding that it was safest to now change the subject back to the actual sport, rather than the 'entertainment'.

"Without any base running?" asked Alex, knowing exactly what Olivia was up to.

"Yes...they get a point for running between the two sets of sticks - if the batter is different at the next pitch they got an odd number of points off the last hit...except when the pitcher changes...then it seems to happen automatically..." Olivia trailed off in her analysis as she fought to break into another packet of candy, her pride stopping her from asking Alex right from the start to open the bag for her, not that it would have mattered, as Alex was intent on watching the sport, determined to understand as many of the rules as possible as quickly as possible.

"That strike got the green ones two points..." observed Alex, helping herself to one of Olivia's newly opened treats, earning a dirty look from the unimpressed Detective, a look that the ADA either failed to notice or, more probably, chose to ignore.

"That'll be a home run thing..." declared Olivia proudly as the next pitch was smacked firmly towards the cheering crowds, a statement that was quickly confirmed by the pulsating rock music and quick cut to the podium dancers, making Olivia decide that maybe, now was the perfect time to recover her earlier position as she observed, "...there's no way those breasts are natural..." before tossing a handful of candy into her mouth.

"Maybe not, but her ass is quite cute..."

Tags: [167], ncruuk, svu

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