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TITLE: Feel the burn....(sorry, titles are my weakness...improvements on a postcard welcome....)

AUTHOR: ncruuk


DISCLAIMER: Not mine, no profit, just something which is hopefully fluffy and for which I make no apology....:-)

FANDOM & PAIRING: Bad Girls, Helen/Nikki

"You know, I should really send you down the block for that stunt you pulled Nikki..." sighed Helen, trying desperately to be the fierce angry governor she was supposed to be, when actually what she really wanted to do was kiss her lover sensless and thank her for the hilarious visual - it had been a while since she'd laughed hysterically...

"Yes Miss..." agreed Nikki, obediently following the script she knew they had to follow, even though she could see the twinkle in Helen's eyes and the tell-tale twitching of Helen's lips as she tried not to grin.

"I mean really, what possessed you to do that...."

"What Miss?" asked Nikki, looking to all intents and purposes as if butter really wouldn't melt in her mouth...

"Nikki, you knew that costume was likely to burst into flames...Michelle Dockley could have been seriously hurt...." Helen's battle with seriousness was rapidly failing as she recalled the events of earlier in the evening. It was wrong to laugh, really it was.

"It wasn't my idea to use the party have to thank the Two Julies for that one Helen...." explained Nikki, finding Helen's humour infectious.

"Most inventive, I must say.... who chose the song?"

"That was all Shell's idea Helen...can you really see anyone suggesting it to her?"

"What did you suggest?"

"You don't want to know - it wasn't as funny, not by miles...."

"I'll bet...but you must promise me, it wasn't on purpose, was it Nikki?"

"God no, Helen. I may think she's psyco, but I wouldn't wish that on anyone....even if it was funny."

"Hmm....thank you for the report I have to write by the way...." murmured Helen, coming round to kiss Nikki briefly before she had to reluctantly return her to the wing.

"Going to be one of your more memorable ones Helen?" asked Nikki mischieviously.

"You on earth am I going to explain that it was an accident that Shell Dockley's ended up in the hospital wing with minor burns following her kareoke costume catching fire?"

"It makes perfect else would Shell get her boobs fixed for Madonna unless she used two pointy party hats?"

"I suppose...but did she have to sing 'Like a Virgin?'" groaned Helen, finally giving in to the temptation to giggle.....

"It could have been worse Helen..." murmured Nikki, enjoying the intimate moment with her lover.


"She could have actually been singing rather than just miming....."

"Oh god...."

Tags: [30], bad girls, ncruuk

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