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femslash_fluff's Journal

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A Femslash Challenge Community

The Rules
1. Anyone can play. Feel free to pimp this community elsewhere.
2. No RPS (real people slash) or fic with underage (16 absolute minimum, would prefer 18) participants.
3. Femslash pairings only (should be obvious from the community name).
4. No time period for challenges - find one you like - do it.
5. All stories posted here will also end up on the Fluff! website. By posting here, you agree to this.
6. Please post your story directly to the femslash_fluff site. You are free to post the stories elsewhere too at any time, put do not use a link to an off community location.
7. Most challenges will take the form of: Pairing, Place, Object (think Clue: Alex & Olivia, in the Library with a clock). Some challenge prompts will have open ended categories (ie. pairing = any couple).
8. No minimum or maximum word count restrictions. Poetry, limericks, what-have-you, all welcome.
9. Put the body of all fics behind an LJ cut. (see how here)
10. If a challenge doesn't specify a pairing, note the pairing and fandom.
11. Posted fics need to be complete, stand alone fics but maybe part of a series if the author chooses.

The Challenges are listed on the Fluff! Website.

Suggest a Challenge - the best challenges are very open ended and a little vague, allowing the authors a wide latitude of creativity.